Newly Released Ecom Pages App Generates Controversy, as Premium Bonus Offered by Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

Newly Released Ecom Pages App Generates Controversy In Internet Marketing Review Industry, as Premium Bonus Package Offered by Hanif Quentino. Facebook Announces New Video Ad Initiatives.

The newly released Ecom Pages, explained at, is generating controversy in the internet marketing review industry due to its claim of being the first true 'drag'n'drop' Shopify theme creator that eliminates coding experties. The release of EcomPages is primed to take advantage of a new report by Facebook, announcing new Video Ads initiatives that can help ecommerce sellers.

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, has published an in-depth review and exclusive bonus offer for the Ecom Pages software, which can be found on his review website:

Hanif regards himself as a credible Ecom Pages review critic, primarily because of his experience as an online store owner and manager, as well as getting an inside look at the EcomPages app. He recommends that Ecom Pages owners take advantage of Facebook's recent Video Ad innovations to grow their online store revenues.

More and more people use their mobile devices to access Facebook. This prompts the social media giant to analyze the difference in behaviors between mobile and desktop users. On February 10, 2016, Facebook announced that new features would allow advertisers to purchase and measure the effectiveness of their video ads. In addition, Facebook presented plenty of data to help marketers optimize their video promotion campaigns. Some of the most intriguing facts include:

-Facebook users consume over 100 million hours of video each day.
-Content is consumed faster on mobile compared to desktop.
-The first three seconds of a video ad accounts for 47 percent of its overall value.
-80 percent dislike it when video ads autoplay with sound on when they do not expect it.
-41 percent of video ads are not able to convey their message without sound.
-Videos with captions are viewed 12 percent more than those without.

Facebook’s director of ads product marketing, Graham Mudd, explained that marketers should understand the differences between mobile and desktop advertising. This enables businesses to set up more effective video ads and better target the audience they need.

It used to be that marketers had to upload a caption file or embed captions to their video ads. But starting this year, Facebook can now automatically add captions to video advertisements. A new tool can generate captions, which can then be edited by the advertiser. English will be the only supported language initially.

This is something that most advertisers on Facebook have been waiting for. With the integration of Moat, advertisers now have a third party tool which can verify their audience and measure the effectiveness of their videos.

This analytics tool can help marketers determine what piece of content attracts a particular audience. Through this, more of the same ads can be delivered to similar audiences. This is a huge far cry from TV ads for instance, in which everyone sees the same ads over and over.

Moat will also be responsible for the viewable impression buying on Facebook. Advertisers can now rely on Moat data and purchase video ads on a 100 percent viewable basis.

Mudd emphasized that advertisers must constantly experiment and keep up with all the latest trends in the world of mobile advertising. Since it’s relatively new, nobody has yet figured out a specific approach that would work for all advertisers from different niches. It’s best to stick to the basics and establish a connection within the first few seconds of the video, create ads that can still get the message across even without sound, and split testing nonstop to see what kind of videos resonate best with the target audience.

Hanif Quentino's in-depth EcomPages review, along with his premium Ecom Pages bonus offer, can be found on the following website:

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