Newly Launched Website Showcases Award Winning Portraiture

Award winning Ontario photographer launches website showcasing portfolio of exceptional executive and industrial images

There are billions of photographs in the world, but few portraits. Every portrait artist instinctively understands is that a photographic portrait is not a photograph in the artistic sense of the word. A photograph is a candid snapshot, a slice of daily life captured in digital format. A portrait, on the other hand, is a planned arrangement of environment, subject, lighting, lens choice and other variables, as well as image treatment after capture. A portrait is an interpretative statement made by an artist about his subject, and award-winning toronto executive portrait photographer Henry Feather is the creator of some of the country's best. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that Henry Feather announces the launch of his newest website to showcase his exceptional and sought-after executive and industrial portraiture.

Like old masters' paintings that hang in a museum, photographic portraits reflect the culture that spawned them. In addition, they illustrate their their subjects' lives and souls as seen through the photographer's eyes. As Henry Feather himself puts it, "Candid photographs of birthdays, vacations, graduations, and the like are the means by which people preserve memories of treasured events. Candid snapshots do have specific value and purpose - they serve to keep such memories alive, and they are the means through which to pass down visual images to future generations. Words alone, for example, will never be able to adequately communicate concepts such as a family resemblance that transcends generations."

Clearly, however, there is a distinction between candid photos and photographic portraits. "Candids are not art," explained Feather. They are valued primarily by the individuals who took them, or who are in them." A photographic portrait, on the other hand, has far greater impact. "A portrait's is a deliberately conceived, carefully planned, and skillfully executed work of art. An exceptional portrait will capture the essence of a person, often within his principal environment." He explained the purpose of his new website by adding, "Portraits are intended to be seen by an audience. It is their viewers who give them life."

Henry Feather should know. He is widely regarded as a top executive photographer toronto. His talent lies in his ability to interpret his subjects within the backdrop of their own lives, juxtaposing them with their livelihoods and passions, and adding depth and texture to both. His creative use of light places emphasis on his subjects, subtly telling their story. He is the corporate photographer toronto upon whom Toronto's top industrial, commercial and social entities depend for their photographic needs. His new website features nearly a hundred of his all time top images of both people and their environs. The public is invited to visit the site, and encouraged to note the the artistry and attention to detail that distinguishes a Henry Feather portrait from a candid snapshot.

About Henry Feather:

Henry Feather has been creating photographic art within the greater Toronto for the past 25 years. His easy to work with manner in conjunction with his artistic vision has made him a favorite of art directors, designers and executives throughout the area.

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