Newicon To Launch Innovation Kit Following Its Successful Trial

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The software solutions firm’s new product will allow teams to explore ideas and innovation with one-day workshops.

Wednesday, 31st March. Bristol, UK: Following the success of its trial at UWE and MyMaskFit, tech company Newicon has announced its delight at being ready to open its Innovation Kit up to the market on April 6th.

A Product That’s 20 Months In The Making

Newicon’s new Innovation Kit finally launches following a long 20-month journey in which the company’s original idea for a blog post evolved into a full design kit that focuses on actually helping businesses and educators achieve practical results to revamp their approach to design, innovation, and creative thinking.

The kit includes a wide range of tools that clients can use to build agile and lean processes and principles. It allows users to learn about those core fundamentals that Newicon uses in its own development strategies in an engaging and effective manner, which subsequently enables businesses and academic institutions to introduce the same processes in their own innovation protocols.

Lisa Brodie, Head of the School of Engineering at UWE Bristol, underlined the importance of the relationship it has enjoyed over the past few months, stating: “Newicon embodies the kind of company we want to partner with.

“We have a comprehensive programme of professional practice to develop students’ skills in the context of engineering problems. UWE Bristol are investing in a multimillion purpose-built School of Engineering opening in Autumn 2020, alongside this, we have a revolutionary redesigned curriculum that nurtures creativity, innovation and collaboration through training on ‘live’ projects and problems.

“Newicon’s approach to design thinking and innovation is the ideal partner for our new curriculum. They will equip our student engineers with practical tools and knowledge in order to succeed in their chosen engineering career. We like working with Newicon because they challenge the way we do things, we know our students will like their approach and they play an important role in supporting the school’s mission and growth.”

While the kit itself is a result of work that started in 2018, the principles behind it come from Newicon’s 14-year history of building software apps and innovative processes. As has been highlighted by the trial with UWE, the tools can be utilised to condense learning into a one-day workshop and training module, thus bringing an almost instant transformation for firms and end users alike.

Inspiration For Innovation

The Innovation Kit by Newicon sets out to do more than simply educate. It is a resource that promotes interactions through training modules and exercises that actually help students develop the right mindset to truly understand the field of design and innovation in a way that helps identify opportunities for business growth and development.

As a toolkit for business training teams and academic students alike, the Innovation Kit helps users understand why decisions have been made rather than simply completing tasks. In turn, it promotes a sense of autonomy that can be replicated in real business scenarios across a wide range of sectors.

Steve O’Brien, CEO of Newicon, confirmed the company’s continued focus on empowering companies. He said: "Innovation is about creating the right environment. It’s about creating a space where people feel comfortable to share ideas. Our job is to provide tools and techniques to create that environment and watch the innovation happen. We have been hosting workshops for our clients for over 14 years and the kit is our attempt at teaching others to do the same“

Newicon will continue to offer workshops alongside the new downloadable tools too.

About Newicon

Newicon is a Bristol-based digital solutions company that designs and delivers everything from mobile apps and websites to desktop software and integrated services for academic services and businesses throughout the UK.

Launched in 2007, the company works on innovation, design, software, and digital marketing with a heavy focus on helping businesses develop smart tech setups that are built for success in the modern business arena. It uses the power of tech to automate, innovate, and navigate through the obstacles to spearhead sustained growth and success in a wide range of sectors.

With a heavy focus on actively teaching companies to help themselves, the new Innovation Kit and training allows them to do it in a more powerful way than ever before.
More information is available at Alternatively, Newicon’s press contact Steve O’Brien can be reached at 07969088447 or Postal queries can be addressed to Newicon, The Waterfront, Welsh Back Road, Bristol, BS14SB.

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