Newcomer "Skruuul" mixes up deep house scene

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This german boy was influenced by electronic classics and modern pop music and wants to mix up the house scene. And he already does well. Here's his story.

From a small town in east Germany to all around the world. The German house/pop music producer Skruuul is a 21-year-old artist from Saxony known for his expressional way to feature unique digital sounds with emotions and shows that there are no limits when it comes to finding the sweet spot in house music.

From a very young age, Skruuul was deeply inspired by the music taste of his parents such as Depeche Mode, ATB, Daft Punk & Culture Beat which gave him a feeling for electronic music at an early age. Back in 2012 when the Tomorrowland 2012 Aftermovie was released on YouTube, which inspired him a lot, he started to produce his full songs with a digital audio workstation called FL Studio 9. From then on, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.
Following the school weeks, he secretly made music almost every night and understood the art of making unique sounds.

With modern pop music and 90s electronic classics influences and inspiration from big names such as DJ Snake and the American pop duo The Chainsmokers, he's on his way to building his musical path which you can hear in his music.

After a first breakthrough back in 2017 Skruuul's single "New York City" was the 2nd place at the "Newcomer Uptraxx" from Radio Sunshine Live from Mannheim & was played live on the radio.

This was followed by several house remixes of well-known German rappers like Apache and Ufo which made him even more famous at german house parties and pushed him to even more new creative ideas.

In 2020 he released 2 songs at once titled "Youniverse" and "Never letting go" which have unique combinations of orchestra and heavy basses. “Youniverse” and “Never Letting Go” showed us a part of Skruuul creativity. These two compositions captivated ten thousand in a short period of time; despite the fact that he self-released "Youniverse" and "Never Letting Go". In other words, he gained the attention of teenagers, young people, and adults without the help of a record label and this is definitely a reflection of the natural talent that Skruuul has been gifted with.

This was followed by the release of "Liquid Touch" on the Australian label "Aero." which opened the doors to more international fame. With these pop and house influences, there will definitely be more great musical works released in the future.

For lovers of electronic music, for those who enjoy the grooves of house music, for those who love energy-driven emotions just like Skruuul, for all of them, and for many others in the world you should listen to these fantastic tunes thanks to the talent of this German boy.

Listen to Skruuul here!

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