New Zealand’s Use of Renewables is High, But It May Not Be Enough

New Zealand is a leader in renewable energy in the developed world, but experts are concerned it may still fall short of its 2050 targets.

Electricity is the backbone of modern society, which makes the search for and use of renewable energy sources all the more pressing. Some countries – especially those in the developing world – are currently struggling to move over to renewable electricity sources (wind, solar, hydropower and geothermal). However, other countries – particularly in Europe – have been far more successful in this transition. New Zealand likewise falls firmly in the successful category, as the country has made significant strides towards adopting renewable energy sources.

According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, an estimated two-thirds of New Zealand’s electricity is generated through renewables. The primary source in this regard is hydropower, with geothermal and wind generation making up the greater part of the remaining renewable sources. But the current trajectory may not be enough to meet the country’s 2050 goal of zero carbon emissions.

The Ministry indicates that at least a quarter of New Zealand’s remaining energy generation comes from fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas). That’s still a lot to reduce over the next 29 years – especially considering that the country is both a consumer and producer of these fuels.

One small, but key, player in the speedier transition of the country towards only using renewable sources are those operating within the broader electrical services industry themselves. From suppliers and installers to general electricians, those operating within the industry could play a significant role in promoting renewable sources and educating their clientele in the benefits of adopting environmentally friendly electrical options (solar, LED lighting, alternative heating and cooling solutions, etc.). Indeed, these players could greatly aid in moving both large- and small-scale consumers towards actively choosing and adopting renewables. It is only through effective partnerships between government, business, and community stakeholders that New Zealand stands a chance of reaching its 2050 goal.

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