New York's Diamond Envy Reports Remarkable Surge of Interest in Fancy Color Diamonds

Sotheby's 2015 Important Jewels Auction was no fluke, with retail buyers and wholesalers also flocking to a range of fancy color diamonds so far this year, Diamond Envy reports

Diamond Envy, one of the world's leading sources of top-quality, conflict-free, fancy color diamonds and jewelry, reported that demand for jewels of this kind has reached brand-new highs. In a recently published look at the season-opening Sotheby's Important Jewels Auction of this year, Diamond Envy analysts found that the fancy color diamonds offered there attracted special attention from bidders, with some setting new auction records and finishing among the top sales of the event. In addition to this particularly prominent and telling data point, Diamond Envy representatives report that interest in color diamonds has been notably high across the spectrum so far this year.

"Whether it's a delicate, elegant pink diamond or a fiery orange stone, fancy color diamonds are now more popular than ever before," Diamond Envy Creative Director Dina Silverberg said, "This year's Important Jewels Auction really opened some eyes to what color diamonds have to offer, and we've been seeing an unprecedented level of interest in them since."

The seemingly pure white diamonds that are so commonly seen in jewelry actually often harbor tinges of colors like brown and yellow. In fact, these traits are a key factor in the grading schemes that are conventionally used to rate such gems, with those that measure closest to unadulterated white scoring the highest.

While the average person is probably most familiar with diamonds of this type, the reality is that the gemstones occur naturally with a range of beautiful colors. In contrast to the more common kind, these fancy color diamonds are prized for their depth and intensity of hue, whether that means a vibrant pink, a bright yellow, a deep, intense shade of black, or anything in between.

Diamond Envy was founded in 2013 to give consumers greater access to these beautiful treasures. Building upon a thriving, 15-year-old network of relationships in New York's famed Diamond District, the company gives individuals the kinds of fancy color diamond buying opportunities that were formerly reserved for the most connected of wholesalers and specialists.

In addition to supplying this exclusive, valuable level of access, diamondenvy maintains a standard of truly personalized shopping that ensures that every customer will come away from the process highly satisfied. All Diamond Envy employees understand that the buying process can be just as important as the diamond itself and take pride in delivering the kind of friendly, personal customer service that best contributes to the experience.

As one of the world's leading dealers of fancy color diamonds, Diamond Envy is especially well positioned to notice and point out new developments in the market like the one reported here. More information about the recent surge in interest in fancy color diamonds, along with a full report about the sales of that kind at this year's Sotheby's Important Jewels Auction, can be found at

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