New York Lawyers Comment On Drunk Driving Statistics

The lawyers at David B. Lever and Associates, PLLC hope that by spreading awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, accidents will be prevented.

Every day, thousands of Americans become involved in car accidents. The sad truth is that the majority of these accidents are completely preventable, especially when the crash was caused by a driver who was drunk.

When given the opportunity to answer anonymously, nearly 29 million people admitted to getting behind the wheel of their car while under the influence of alcohol. This decision leads to the death of 27 Americans every day and injures thousands more. When the cost of property damage, medical expenses, and funeral expenses are combined, these accidents cost the United States around $132 billion every year.

Despite the shocking numbers, drunk drivers frequently face only several hundred dollars in fines and in some cases, a suspended license. Many have argued that these punishments are not harsh enough and given the fact that anywhere from 50% to 75% of all drunk drivers continue to drive their cars on a suspended license, this argument may have serious merit. In fact, M.A.D.D. has reported that, on average, a person who has been arrested for a DUI has gotten behind the wheel while intoxicated nearly 80 times before they are caught.

There are many ways in which anyone can decide to stay safe after consuming alcohol. Prior to drinking, determine who will be the designated driver or make plans to stay over so that no one feels the need to drive. While out and consuming alcohol, it is always a good idea to continue drinking water and to snack in order to prevent yourself from getting drunk too quickly. Of course, when all else fails, calling a cab is an excellent option.

Even with a large number of safe alternatives, drunk driving happens all too often and injures far too many victims. For many, the crash leaves them not only physically devastated but financially as well.

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