New Year is Coming! Time for Traveling to Guang’an

The Spring Festival is just around the corner. Taking a trip to Guang’an can be a good choice for this spring. Unique customs and tourism sites of Guang’an can give you the experience of new year culture and traditions.

Spend your Spring Festival in Guang’an and have fun at tourism sites!

Longing for spending this Spring Festival by traveling but haven’t decided where to go yet? Then take a trip to Guang’an, experience the unique new year custom of Guang’an, and have an unforgettable Spring Festival with your family. On the lunar New Year's Day, you can experience the custom of waking up in the morning, opening the gate, morning fireworks, giving new year's greetings, giving lucky money, fortune telling, paper cutting of chicken, fortune gathering and having reunion dinner; On the second day you can do the Worshiping the God of Wealth; On the third day you can burn the door-god paper;On the fourth day the Kitchen God is coming back and you can invite him home; On the fifth day businesses will be reopening their shops, setting firecrackers and worshiping the God of Wealth; On the sixth day you should send the Poor God away; On the seventh day you put on a special headwear called “Rensheng”... So many unique customs of Guang’an will definitely enrich your new year holiday trip.

As featured tourism sites, places like the blessing place HuaYing Mountain, the treasure of Sichuan Baozhen Fortress, and the Baiping Dragon Leisure Resort are attracting a great amount of visitors. In the meantime, the Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping Tourism Attraction has prepared all kinds of activities. From the Chinese New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the new year, various activities awaits for the visitors, will take them to follow the steps of great people and experience the Red Culture. At the Zhenbao Fortress you can have a taste of a famous dish named the “Eight Dishes” while you take a trip of time traveling through thousands of years at the fortress to experience the war of ancient times. The Dam Feast will also provide a quite unique experience. Tourists can enjoy folk performances such as Dragon Dance and Lion Dance, Palm Puppets Show, folk songs and Swing Gong performance. At night, they can dance around the campfire, have a nice and warm spring festival to welcome the coming spring.

Spend this Spring Festive in Guang’an, having a family time of happy and fun!

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