New Website Launches To Help Professionals Get Started And Earn More With Expert Networks

A new website shows professionals in nearly any industry how to earn hundreds of dollars per hour by participating in convenient one-hour expert network consulting calls.

December 8, 2020. San Francisco, CA - Expert Opportunities has launched a new website to help professionals at all levels and in nearly any industry participate in high-paying consulting phone calls via expert networks.

Expert networks, such as GLG, Alphasights and Guidepoint, connect investors, management consultants and other clients seeking to quickly learn about a product, company or market with experienced professionals in that field. A typical engagement is a one-hour phone call between the client and the expert, with the expert often compensated at hourly rates of $300 - $500, and sometimes substantially more for sharing their insights. Over the past 20 years, expert networks have grown to become more than a billion-dollar industry, according to expert network marketplace Inex One.

Despite facilitating approximately 1 million consulting calls annually, the expert network industry remains relatively unknown and is highly opaque. The Expert Opportunities website debuts with a comprehensive guide on how to get started and earn more through expert network consulting opportunities.

Expert Opportunities is founded and published by Mitchel Harad, a financial services executive who began exploring how he could grow his own expert network consulting practice. “I’ve enjoyed participating in expert networks for more than a decade, completing more than 100 consulting calls. They are convenient and often engaging conversations that also provide a great source of additional income.” says Harad. “After teaching many friends and colleagues how to get started with expert networks, I realized that most people are unaware that they are qualified for these opportunities and don’t know how to get started. I sought the help of other in-demand experts and associates at the top marketplaces to provide step-by-step guides and insider advice on effectively working with expert networks.”

Actionable advice to grow your relationship with expert networks
Expert Opportunities features a growing set of in-depth articles that detail how to join expert networks, land more assignments and become a top-rated expert. Written by highly active experts and consultant recruiters from top expert networks such as Third Bridge and ProSapient, topics include:

- What are expert networks and how to get started with them
- How to craft your LinkedIn and expert network profiles to regularly land new project opportunities
- How to complete a kick ass expert network consulting call and become an in-demand expert
- Setting your hourly rate to maximize your earnings

About Expert Opportunities
Expert Opportunities shows professionals at all levels and from any industry how to start and grow their lucrative and engaging expert network consulting practice. The site features a growing number of in-depth articles and guides to help both novices and experienced experts learn the ins and outs of working with the $1 billion expert network industry.

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