New Website Launched to Meet Growing Demand of US Note Sellers

Website will meet the needs of people across the United States who want to sell their mortgage note.

A new website recently launched to help those wanting to sell their mortgage note. Chesapeake Note Solutions created the website to assist those who are interested in learning more about how to learn the value of their note, cash out their note, owner/seller financing, or other note buying programs nationwide.

Chesapeake Note Solutions' website can answer any questions a seller may have and connect them with an experienced buyer or broker. Mortgage notes are also known as a real estate lien note, or borrower's note. It is a promissory note secured by a specific mortgage loan as a written promise to repay a sum of money plus interest during a specified rate and length of time. An owner of a property will sometimes agree to accept payments from a buyer and create a note. When that note holder needs or decides it is time to receive a lump sum of money, instead of receiving a monthly payment, the note can be sold. This is where Chesapeake Note Solutions and their new website come into play. There is a growing demand as note holders want to cash out due to a variety of reasons, whether they need to pay off debts, medical bills, or to retire and travel.

Chesapeake Note Solutions is a note buying company located in Towson, Maryland. With experience in the “ins and outs” of the note world, and sometimes insider knowledge of what institutional funders are most likely to be interested in, Chesapeake Note Solutions will help guide a note seller every step of the way. They specialize in mortgage backed notes.

Chesapeake Note Solutions owner, Marjorie Binder states, “I can help the note holder navigate a system that is confusing for someone who may be doing this only once in their investing career.” Binder continues, “In my latest transaction, which occurred in the relatively strong real estate market of Texas, I was part coach and advisor in helping the seller close the deal in time.” Binder worked to make sure title and other problems were solved in time for the seller to pay off debts due to a family emergency.

The new website can help note holders discover their options, get answers and read up on current articles such as “How to sell your mortgage note” or “Learn the value of your note”. The website also can answer questions such as “Can I sell part of my mortgage note?” or “What is seller financing?”

Chesapeake Note Solutions can get free quotes and note analysis within two days time. For more information, please call toll free, 888-607-0067. Or to check out the new website visit,

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