New Wavefront Technology Improves Eye Exams in Houston TX

Wavelength technology is currently being tested to prove its effectiveness in eye exams. Ophthalmologists also believe it will improve the efficiency of Lasik eye procedures.

Wavefront technology is being used by ophthalmologists to gain better results during Houston eye exams. Unlike conventional eye exams which were performed by using a phoropter, those performed using wavelength technology are proving to be much more accurate. Instead of the well known eye chart and phoropter, ophthalmologists now use technology that narrows a beam of light and directs it through the eye. Issues and problems within the eye are detected by the types of distortion that appears to affect the beam of light.

The new technology does not stop with the discovery of whether a person is nearsighted or farsighted. It continues to explore deeper using narrower light waves to penetrate the eye and look for possible problems. With the light waves in a more compressed or narrow line, disruptions they must pass through within the eye can show doctors a more complete view of the eye.

Different variations in the wavelength of light that travels through the eye can be used to determine the severity of an issue and show doctors possible ways to repair the problem, Patients who schedule an eye exam in Houston at Vision Corner will get to experience the new technology first hand.

The new technology has proven itself to be much more accurate than conventional methods used in the past. Older methods relied solely on the input of the patient. This information was subjective at best, leaving a higher possibility for error.

During an exam, the light wavelengths create a map of the area within the eye. By using colors and graphs, ophthalmologists can accurately map the eye showing irregularities and abnormalities. Once the doctor knows exactly what conditions exist, he can prescribe treatments to effectively correct the disorders.

Ophthalmologists who have used the new wavelength technology believe it could possibly lead to the retirement of the conventional eye chart they have all been subjected to for decades. It is also thought the new technology will also help customize Lasik procedures allowing them to be more exacting and beneficial to the patient.

To experience this new technology with an optometrist Houston contact the trusted professionals at Vision Corner.

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