New Video Blog Shows Common Problems & Solutions for Concrete Foundations

When everyone talk about Foundation Problems most Home Owners get Frightened. Phil is a Master in Dry Basements and can help reduce everyone concerns.

Usually a home is the largest investment in a lifetime and keeping it in good repair only makes good sense. Repairing a Leaky basement quickly is a very prudent thing to do. If a basemen leak is ignored too long the cost and problem only gets bigger and more costly to repair. The chances are it will also take away from the enjoyment and possible value of the home. The water problem could also be the source of Black Mould which could become a health threat. So the reasons for attending to a foundation repair quickly are many.

Common Causes of foundation leaks:
1. Cracked Foundation
2. Window Wells that leak
3. Drainage Tile System that is failing
4. Poor grading of landscaping near the house
5. Run off Gutters that are plugged or need repair

Some of the possible repair options are listed below:
1. Repair on the drain tiles (have it checked with a camera first)
2. A floor drain installed
3. The addition of a Sump Pump
4. French Drain to capture & divert water
5. Water Proofing (may be part of the solution)
6. Repair of Foundation Cracks

The thought of foundation repair on a home sounds scary and expensive. The important thing to realize is new technologies have helped in keeping costs down and also in quickly identifying the drainage or foundation problem. In many cases the first plan of action is to have a professional review the situation. This person will review the point of water entry and may even send a camera into the drainage system to identify any possible problems. This could identify localized problems before unneeded excavation is done.

If a home has a cracked foundation, in many cases the problem can be tackled from the inside of the home and there is no need to dig up the landscaping. In any case the first place to start is to gather enough information to make an informed decision.

Phil Russell is a master in dry basements and his new video blog is an excellent place to start gathering foundation repair information. Phil’s on the job videos describes both the problems and the remedies.

Phil shows how the repair will be done while everyone are in the comfort of the living room.

Areas most commonly served include Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, Vancouver and the lower mainland. More information and access to foundation repair service can be found on their website.

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