New Updates For SecIron’s IronWALL & IronSCAN Mobile Apps Security Solution

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SecIron’s latest update brings powerful enhanced hardening abilities and more efficient cyber threat monitoring capabilities.

SecIron, a leading mobile application security provider in Asia is pleased to announce the release of the latest version updates for IronWALL and IronSCAN mobile app security solutions. These updates reinforce SecIron’s commitment and promise to further enhance its product performance and add more value to its service.

The latest IronWALL ver. 6.0 and IronSCAN ver. 5.01 is now available on SecIron’s website and existing customers will receive an automatic notification to install the updates.

First, among IronWALL’s updated features is the white-box cryptography function that allows for the better safeguard of sensitive keys and data. The IronWALL is an Application Hardening Platform (APH), and this new cryptographic encryption technology adds an extra layer of protection, together with its existing runtime application self-protection (RASP) feature to provide robust protection for mobile applications from both static and dynamic attacks.

Plus, the platform’s hardening abilities have also been enhanced with significant improvements in its VMP, anti-hook, resource file encryption, and anti-root. It now also supports the AAB hardening and anti-dex files dump.

On the other hand, the IronSCAN Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment is a platform that autonomously decides the security state of software applications and gives inputs for rectifying known issues. It identifies suspicious behaviors and is responsive to attacks on mobile apps.

With the latest IronSCAN ver 5.01 release, cyber threat monitoring has been vastly improved as the software’s detection time sees huge reductions with the average assessment time for detecting a single application larger than 100MB being halved from 20 minutes to 5 minutes.

Additionally, IronSCAN ver 5.01 users will also be thrilled to know that the platform now fully supports an English system language and preset detection template settings that are compatible with both Android and iOS.

“At SecIron, we always aim to create the safest environment for applications and smart devices. With these latest version upgrades, we are confident that our mobile application security tools can offer maximum security against any type of cybersecurity threats,” said a spokesperson from the company.

SecIron is a mobile application security solutions company with its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan. They have adapted the open web application security project to build next-generation security architecture solutions to protect mobile applications. Their flagship products IronWALL and IronSCAN have safeguarded tens of thousands of mobile applications in various industries.

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About SecIron

SecIron delivers the best mobile application security solution by offering a comprehensive and deep health scan that dissects and analyzes application vulnerabilities and threats. The company currently provides its services to hundreds of satisfied clients, safeguarding thousands of mobile applications across various industries such as finance, commerce, gaming, and the public sector.

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