New Ubiquinol CoQ10 By Nutrusta Uses Highly Bioavailable Formula

Nutrusta’s Ubiquinol formula is 100% water soluble, and significantly increases the uptake of Ubiquinol (CoQ10) into the bloodstream.

CoQ10 is one of the most widely used supplements on the market today, and for good reason. Numerous clinical studies have documented its health and wellness benefits. CoQ10 is a very effective metabolic antagonist, and is widely known for its dramatic impact on energy levels. CoQ10, is a naturally occurring enzyme produced in the human body. It is found in every cell and tissue, and is proven to be part of many biological functions, such as: free-radical neutralization, energy production, and maintaining a healthy cellular integrity. CoQ10 aids in the production of 95% of the available energy in the human body.

Researchers had been attempting to develop a form of CoQ10 that would be more easily absorbable, as CoQ10 is not very bioavailable. Ubiquinol is an electron-rich form of CoQ10, that became available around 2006. The problem was that it is highly unstable, but all that changed when a company created a technology to stabilize the nutrient. Ubiquinol is the more bioavailable form of CoQ10, and its efficacy include the treatment of: Cardiovascular problems, High Blood Pressure, Gum Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and even Congestive Heart Failure.

For instance, a study conducted at the East Texas Medical Center showed, among other findings, that: “Ubiquinol has dramatically improved absorption in patients with severe heart failure and the improvement in plasma CoQ10 levels is correlated with both clinical improvement and improvement in measurement of left ventricular function.” The left ventricle is what pushes blood throughout the body; this makes the report a significant finding.

Gradually, the marketplace saw an increase in Ubiquinol CoQ10 offerings. The main problem is that Ubiquinol’s bioavailability is still limited. Nutrusta's Ubiquinol Ultra™ formula significantly increases the bioavailability of Ubiquinol.

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CoQ10 by itself is almost completely insoluble in water and this means it is not dispersed well in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and very little of it is taken up and transported into the blood. The patented technology used by Nutrusta yields a formula that is 100% water soluble and significantly increases the amounts of Ubiquinol (CoQ10) in the bloodstream by up to six times, as opposed to regular Ubiquinol.

The Nutrusta Ubiquinol Ultra™ CoQ10 formula is also “stomach friendly” and doesn’t cause cramps and upsets which some people have experienced when taking CoQ10. Nutrusta Ubiquinol Ultra™ is clinically proven to be significantly more effective, with superior bioavailability and unmatched heart, brain and cellular health benefits. And it is a bioidentical formulation, meaning it is closest to the form used by the body.

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