New Travel Site Aims To Inspire Millions Through Instagram

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A new website has just been launched which promises “Amazing Vacation Ideas” photos delivered to users via Instagram @AmazingVacationIdeas

Recently launched travel website ( has shunned the standard marketing approach of search engine marketing or banner ads in favor of the social media phenonomum that is Instagram.

The creator of the website said “Initially we had planned to roll out the site through search engines by employing an SEO firm to get us to rank in Yahoo, Google and Bing. But after sitting down and really looking at what these firms do (manipulating search results) we decided to connect with our potential audience via social media avenues instead.”

And it certainly seems to be working. In just one week since starting the Instagram account #AmazingVacationIdeas it has amassed a following of over 2600 people. “Sure it’s a far cry from the Kim Kardashian’s of the world in terms of follower size. But we are only a week old, and are more focused on delivering our users a mini “Breakacation” every time they look at our feed, even if it’s for just a few moments.” He said.

The website itself offers travel deals and articles about “little out of the way places that you would normally never know about”. Currently written by freelancers, the site hopes to attract more crowd sourced content from people who have travelled to the places they write about.

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