New Temporary Exhibition of renown Spanish artist Raúl: Travel to Bogotá 2003

New exhibition of the project “Travel to Bogotá, 2003” by renown Spanish artist Raúl. celebrates the exhibition of the project Travel to Bogota, 2003 by Raúl, the well-known Spanish artist and El País newspaper cartoonist.

New exhibition of the project “Travel to Bogotá, 2003” by renown Spanish artist Raúl. celebrates the exhibition of the project Travel to Bogota, 2003 of Raúl the well-known Spanish artist and El País newspaper cartoonist.

For 12 years Raúl has been an illustrator for Spain's main newspaper El País. With 30 years of experience in different Spanish newspapers, Raúl has worked in the fields of cartoons (Filman, Cruz Delgado), graphic design ( Ministry of Culture, Renfe), editorial illustration (S.M., Alfaguara), comic strip (Madriz, Scrambled Media) and sculpture (sculptural pieces for the Spin Communications Tower in Shanghai, central sculpture of the Lillas Pastiá restaurant in Huesca). Also regularly performing abundant graphic work and giving lectures and workshops in universities and private training centers in Spain, France, Colombia or Mexico.

Travel to Bogota is composed of twelve artworks on paper “Creysse”, pencil, ink, gouache and powder watercolor, about five different places in the city - since one of the works is composed of eight cardboards.

Raúl had in mind drawing the life and people of the Colombian capital, after living there in the 90’s, when the Spanish newspaper "El País" sent him to Russia as a graphic correspondent. He spent a few days taking notes and photographs of avenues, squares and varied corners, but above all notes and sketches of the people. With this material,once back in Madrid, he began to interpret what he had sketched, photographed and remembered.

The first drawing shows the Plaza de Simón Bolivar: Among the cathedral, the Mayor’s Office or the Capitol, different characters wander, represented in impossible scales that make them overcome, in some cases, the buildings. The second one reflects a Transmilenio station on Avenida Jiménez concentrating on the variety of people around it. The third picture portrays a trip by bus through the diagonal 109. The fourth one is ambitious: it represents, on the eight cardboards, the old neighborhood of El Cartucho, now remodeled, combining the real image of buildings, the extensive street market and distant neighborhoods, with other drawings more or less allegorical of the stark reality that the area projected, it is a work with dozens of characters and situations. Finally, the fifth work represents the neighborhood of San Blas. Its upper part is housing a square where a bus line began its travels, flanked by a church and a school. Some children were happy to be portrayed and they are the central core of the picture

The project has been exhibited in Seville and was reproduced in an edition about his work in Logroño, Córdoba and Madrid.

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