New Technology Just Made Roofing Process a Day Shorter

The Equipter RB4000, a newcomer to the roofing scene, has just presented new solutions to the problem of cleanup after a new roof is set up.

A new advancement in roofing cleanup technology was marketed yesterday (May 1st) on PR Newswire called the Equipter RB4000, a machine that presents new solutions for a quicker completion of roofing projects.

Making a mess of the back and front yards is commonplace among all roof installations and leaves behind nails and sharp debris that put the homeowner and his or her family at risk of injury. Now, there is a solution: going with a contractor who uses an Equipter RB4000, a newcomer to the scene of roofing installations that makes the messy process of roofing mess-free.

Instead of spending a day cleaning the front yard from leftover debris, the Equipter RB4000 accompanies the roofers throughout the entire installation or replacement process. Made up of a container, transportation system, and a hydraulic lift system, the machine can match the height of the roof and collect large amounts of debris at any one time to pour in a waste truck.

The containment vehicle moves two-dimensionally by using the small control hub situated at the front, parks underneath a roof and raises to the desired height. The raised container can be maneuvered over objects that are in the way, like air conditioner units and tree trunks, lowering the risk of damage done to the machine or property itself.

Moreover, where cleanup hours are normally factored into the price of a roofing job, they can now be eliminated to reduce the overall cost for the homeowner, that is only one of the 11 clauses a roofing contract should touch on.

A homeowner can recoup around 68.8 percent of the cost of a new roof. And the Equipter RB4000 ensures that a newly put up roof is ready for show-and-tell immediately after the job is done. “Curb appeal” is restored and home value goes up.

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