New SuperHero-Themed GameFi To Launch With Big NFT Giveaway is ready to launch and is rewarding early adopters with the chance to win big in the NFT giveaway., a superhero-based GameFi and nonfungible token (NFT) protocol built on Binance Smart Chain is announcing its upcoming soft launch that provides access for early adopters who want to join the historical battle against DoggyBear in the Abyss land Metaverse. The game has play-to-earn features that will allow traders and investors to have fun while generating cryptocurrency as a passive income.

Though the launch will only start in the next few days, the platform has a SuperHero Whitelist opened for players to join and stand a chance of winning big in their NFT giveaway by completing a list of actions to unlock 15 bonus entries.

The way the GameFi works is that DoggyBear is hiding in the Abyss full of $CrystalShard. For the SuperHeroes to defeat them, they need to mind these $CrystalShard that can be used as the energy source to summon a copy of DoggyBear from the Parallel Universe to initiate battle. While trying to escape from the SuperHeroes, DoggyBear will constantly be emancipating some $CrystalShard to distract them.

“ is where NFTs meet DeFi. It is a fully on-chain risk protocol with novel tokenomics, which means that your NFT can steal other NFTs for you, and accumulate BEP-20s,” said a spokesperson from the GameFi platform. “The rarer your NFT, the more tokens you’ll accumulate probabilistically.”

By incorporating NFTs tokens into a strategic blockchain game, hopes to attract new players from all communities including traders, investors, and gamers to create an even larger ecosystem and maximize the earning potential of Metaverse.


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About is a new MLM Binance Smart Chain-based GameFi. The project offers long-term passive cryptocurrency earning potential as it offers farm staking, NFT, NFT marketplace, GameFi, play-to-earn (P2E) features all happening in the Abyss land Metaverse.

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