New Study Reveals Rental Delinquency Rates Have Increased By Almost 32% In 2020

A new study conducted by Bay Property Management Group suggests rental delinquency rates have soared during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Baltimore-based property management company, Bay Property Management Group, has recently published a study focused on the impact of Covid-19 on the rental market. As part of a project involving more than 4,000 homes in Baltimore, Philadelphia and the D.C. area, the team collected and analyzed data to gauge the impact of Covid-19. Having conducted extensive research, Bay Property Management Group put together an article, which highlights the primary findings and discusses how the pandemic will affect the market in the months and years ahead.

In the article, the team explores the impact of new legislation and temporary measures, which were introduced earlier in 2020 to provide support for tenants, including eviction moratoriums, repayment agreements, temporary waivers of late fees and illegal lockout lawsuits.

Using data collected from over 4,000 households, members from the Bay Property Management Group found that rental delinquency rates had increased and residential evictions had decreased. New measures to halt evictions contributed to decreases between February and August in Baltimore and Washington D.C. In Philadelphia, rates have fluctuated throughout the year. Perhaps the most compelling statistic in the article is the rental delinquency rate. Across the three areas, the average rental delinquency rate increased by 32%, but in some parts, this figure rose to 190%.

The findings of the study indicate that many tenants have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which will be a concern for landlords and property investors thinking about purchasing buy-to-let properties.

Speaking about the study and the real estate and rental markets, president of the Bay Management Property Group’s Washington D.C. location, Nick Stone, said, “The Residential Property Management Industry is still thriving and will survive COVID. Many tenants are out of work and struggling to pay the rent. However, the current administration has done an excellent job allocating funding to rental relief programs, which is providing tenants the opportunities to get caught up and stay caught up on their rents.” Mr Stone added, “In my opinion, I believe we will see a long-term stabilization (or decrease) in rent rates, specifically in major metropolitan areas resulting from the COVID outbreak. We are seeing a large supply of available rental units in Washington, D.C. This is starting to drive prices down due to the increased supply and low demand.”

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