New Software Development Insights: Top Five Things To Avoid

How a new custom software solution should be created. Save Time, Money and Frustration by avoiding these Top 5 Mistakes Made when undertaking any software development project. Dan Prince, a 20 year software development veteran shares insights for any software development idea.

Insights about having a new custom software solution created to automate a manual business process.

Here’s the inside scoop before beginning the development of a new software project from a Microsoft certified software development expert and 20 year veteran of the software development industry.

During a recent interview, Dan Prince, CEO of a custom software development company located in Kansas City MO, shares his top five things to avoid when starting a software development project.

He states the 5 top problems that can be easily avoided are:
“#5) Avoid planning the entire project out because it can't be done. The reason, to many unforeseen variables.
#4) Avoid trying to get it all done as quickly as possible. Get the most important things done first.
#3 Avoid hiring the least expensive developer that can be found for a project.
#2) Avoid maintaining a distant relationship with the software developer. Insist on an open line of regular communication.
#1) Avoid cutting corners to save money.”

He said “after almost 20 years of writing code, I’ve seen it all. It is very frustrating to see all the money invested into a project that has produced substandard results due to these five common mistakes made when first trying to have a custom software solution created.”

A custom software solution is far better than ‘out of the box’ software because it is designed to grow and scale as a business grows. Thinking that buying a piece of software once and it’s forever is the same as thinking that a new car will last forever without operational expenses and maintenance upkeep.

When researching into having a custom software solution developed to automate manual business processes, it quickly becomes apparent that there are as many ways to create a software solution as there are developers that claim they can do it. Dan shares the following insight about who to choose and why.

“Be forewarned, not all software developers are created equal. Not all software coding is written equally well. This is because planning and creating a software solution project, writing code and thoroughly testing before release is similar to creating a fine piece of art, no two people are going to undertake and craft an elegant software solution for a project exactly the same way.”

The secret insight to knowing what is the most important aspect of a software solution that needs to be created first as referenced in #4 above, Dan stated, “automate the business processes that are manual first. For example, client relationship management. Every business can automate its processes to improve customer engagement and the overall interaction experience from beginning to end. This will help them gain a competitive edge and ensure their company will be set to compete in the future. Technology is the future.”

Statistics now show that business growth is not only about acquiring new customers, which is what most companies feel they need to grow, but substantial and sustainable growth metrics are increased and sustained through removing points of resistance in a potential consumers buying experience*. Properly planned and developed software based on actual customers needs, can increase a customers lifetime purchasing flow efficiency. Once implemented, profits can skyrocket on autopilot and that is the beauty of automating what is now a manual process.

Dan says, "Due diligence is the best tool to use when undertaking the quest of having a custom software solution developed. Each and every business is unique and so are the needs of its custom software. When searching, contact companies and ask questions. Have them repeat back the primary purpose of the solution sought. See if they understand, then select the company that has the best experience, support and the expertise to assist in achieving the actual desired project outcomes for the business."

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*Dr. Flint McLaughlin, Meclabs Institute Research Digest Report Volume II, Issue 4

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