New Service Allows Parents To Find Unique Baby Names From Unused Domains

A website is providing parents with the chance to find a unique name for their baby. The service searches through unused domains and provides the best results.

A new website has launched, providing users with the chance to find the perfect new, unique baby name. believes that the new service will inspire users to find the perfect name for their new baby boy or girl with a simple, easy to use tool. believes that searching for domain names not in use is a quick and easy way to find unique possibilities. If a name has a registered domain, according to the company, it’s likely that the name is quite popular. The tool automatically hunts through domains registered online and lists names that aren’t connected to any. This provides a chance for parents to find a truly special name for their new baby

The tool is designed to be incredibly simple to use so that it can be accessed and operated by virtually anyone. Using the website, a parent can provide the gender of the child and how many name options they would like. Once they have done this, the user can then select the letter fo the first name and second name.

There is also the option to provide the full last name to deliver more specific results and the language. The site is suited for those looking for boy and girl names in languages from all over the world.

Once users have input all the information, they can complete a search. Possible names without registered domains online are revealed. As well as this, additional information reveals the meaning behind each name possibility provided. This allows users to choose whether they want that name meaning for their son or daughter.

The site is offering this service because they know that many parents want a unique name for their child. They want something that stands out and fits them perfectly. However, it can be more difficult than it seems to find a unique name like this.

A parent might choose the name of a TV show character or film character. While Daenerys may seem like a unique possibility the name shot to popularity after the show ‘Game of Thrones’ became a hit across the world. One year it was one of the most highly selected baby names. As such, it would likely not appear through the service. In contrast Delena Tristin is arguably just as unique and doesn’t have any domains registered to it. As such, it could be a great choice for a couple looking for the right name for their new baby girl. This is the type of information that can be gained by users from the site and it is why the site owner believes the service could become very popular.

More information about the way the site operates can be found on the domain itself. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

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