New Roofing Dramatically Improves Resale Price

Replacing Old Roofs Improves Asking Price and Home Value Effectively

Homeowners who put money into replacing their old roofs with news ones improve their home’s asking price and add between 15% and 40% to its value. This means that a home that is valued at $100,000 can become a $140,000 property with the addition of a new modern roof, as investing in the home's upkeep and maintenance surely yields valuable assets.

Roofs that need replacement often show some signs; they could be leaking in more than one spot during rain, have lots of different patches due to replacing some of their shingles, or their shingles may be curling or breaking. In such cases, it is best to reroof altogether, rather than fix the damaged roof temporarily.

Living in an area that is prone to lots of wind or hurricanes, for example, may force homeowners to choose a certain type of roofing over others. but all in all, asphalt shingles, tiles, and metal are some of the most popular roofing material out there. But before choosing the perfect material, homeowners have to consider what is more important to them, appearance, performance or value. It is worth knowing that the most durable materials also need regular maintenance, and that the cost of that is a major factor too. This article discusses the costs of the top 5 roofing materials in detail.

In order for a roofing job to be worthwhile, the house has to have a solid foundation for its roof first, as well as the right underlayment material. Adequate attic ventilation also maximizes the roofing’s life. There are two types of insulation that can be applied to pitched roofs; ‘Cold Loft Insulation’ or a ‘Warm Loft Insulation’, and the choice depends on whether the homeowner wants to use the loft space as a living space or not.

The Cold Loft Insulation is usually chosen by homeowners who are not planning on living in the loft space. This type of insulation keeps the space warm during summer and cold during winter. It is also cheaper than having a Warm Loft Insulation. Cold Loft Insulation is installed above the ceiling of the first floor only, covering the wooden joists and coming in between them. On the other hand, a Warm Loft Insulation is the go-to option for homeowners planning on spending time in the loft, as it keeps the space from heating during summer, or losing its warmth during winter. This type of insulation is installed directly on the roof, and it needs more ventilation.

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