New Research Suggests That Cannabis Can Help In Treating Cervical Cancer

New research suggests that cannabinoids found in marihuana can help in treating cervical cancer. The new foundlings can help with marihuana legalisation.

Cannabinoids can be simply defined as the group of active compounds found in marijuana. They are responsible for how marihuana affects the body. They cause the effect of feeling ‘high’ and are also what makes the plant so popular in medical use such as cervical cancer treatment.

A study conducted by the University Hospital of Geneva in Switzerland which analysed the effects of cannabinoids on cervical tumour cell lines concluded that cannabinoids offer a significant opportunity for developing strong, new anticancer drugs. The study, which can be seen here:, created a new wave of opportunities for further research and opened doors for people wanting to have the herb legalized.

Another study from the Current Clinical Pharmacology journal, has proven that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects which further help with reducing the risk of cancer. The study said marihuana can be used as a preventive agent for stopping cancer cells growth.

The most recent research from South Africa conducted by North-West University in Potchefstroom in September 2016 has found some new developments. Based on previously mentioned literature, the researchers found that cannabidiol (CBT), can hold anticarcinogenic capabilities. They explained that cannabis make cancerous cells kill themselves and prevent cancer cells from spreading and growing.

The researchers mentioned that cervical cancer is the deadliest form of cancer among black women. Therefore, it is urgent to find a cure. This study, combined with previous ones, can hopefully expedite the process by showing how cannabis can cure the body of cancer cells, as well help the body relieve symptoms of cancer therapy such as chemotherapy.

The health benefits of using marihuana are becoming hard to be ignored., a website dealing with all aspects of cannabis mentions that it can be used to cure psychological problems such as: anxiety, ADHD, depression. As well as health problems such as glaucoma and be used for pain relief. A spokesperson from the website said: ‘With the increasing number of studies uncovering new health benefits of using marihuana it will be very difficult for legislators to ignore people who demand the herb is legalised’.

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