New Research Reveals Emerging Dietary Trends In The Last 10 Years

A new study carried out by Future Fit, a provider of a range of fitness and nutrition courses, has unveiled a host of new dietary trends that have been emerging over the past ten years.

Future Fit, an online wellbeing service that offers personal training, nutrition, pilates courses and more, has uncovered new details on the dietary trends that have been shaping the health and wellbeing of people across the globe. By using search data from the world over, they have been able to uncover a range of diets and food types that have come in and out of fashion over the past ten years.

The aim of the research was simple: to look over the past decade, and to find which diet and nutrition trends have fallen in popularity and which current trends are holding the attention of the health, nutrition, and wellness world at the moment. By making use of Google Trends and global search volumes data, Future Fit has shared a range of insights, revealing diets and food types that are currently trending, as well as those which have dropped out of favour, lately.

The list includes the top ten diets in terms of search volume and trends, including popular choices such as the Mediterranean Diet, Veganism, and the Ketogenic Diet. However, it also tracks those that have fallen off in terms of popularity as of late, such as the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet and WeightWatchers.

Aside from a chart of 100 diets ranked in terms of their search popularity, with additional data on how much more or less popular they have grown over the past decade, the article also provides potential reasons as to why certain diets and trends have shifted as they have. For instance, in the case of WeightWatchers, they attribute the recent decrease in attention as “to be attributed to the company’s rebrand from WeightWatchers to WW. The intention behind this change should reflect its customers’ shifted attention to health and fitness, rather than just weight loss. Another reason is the rise of competitive weight loss apps that are taking market share away from WW.”

The research also goes into the discussion of the history of dietary trends, and provides its own methodology so that anyone interested in fitness and nutrition can do their own research and compare notes.

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Future Fit is an online training service, allowing users to connect with courses created by personal trainers, nutrition advisors, and pilates instructors in the UK. Having started in 1993, they have been committed to raising the standards of health and fitness training for nearly three decades now, and their training programs have won several awards. They also regularly publish research and content for those interested in health, fitness, and nutrition.

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