New Rehab Opens To Help Combat Austin Texas Drug Problem

The Austin Texas Drug Problem has seen its highest ever number, with people struggling more than ever.

A new resource for Austin residents is opening its doors soon. Outpatient Austin is starting to offer
substance abuse treatment for the thriving city in Texas.

Austin like most big cities in America has its problems with drug abuse. More than 1,000 people have
been arrested with cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana in the Austin area since 2011. Texas is
trying to address this issue, and there are currently five DEA agents in Dallas working with local police.

Austin proximity to the Mexican border is another reason why drug and alcohol abuse is rife in the city.
While crack is less commonly abused than cocaine in Austin, both drugs are highly dangerous and
addictive, and cocaine is the preferred drug in Houston, which is in Harris County, where more people
overdose than anywhere else in our state. The district is home to one of the highest rates of drug
overdose deaths in Texas and continues to prosecute thousands of people on minor drug possession
charges, though reform-minded district attorneys elsewhere have pledged to drop them.

In recent years, there have been several attempts to break up drug deals, including cocaine and
methamphetamine, in the Austin area. Private, family-run rehabilitation facilities have been offering
treatment for drug addiction since 1991. Intensive outpatient rehabilitation centers run by the Texas
Alcoholic Beverage Control Association (AA) and the Alcoholics Anonymous of Austin can benefit
patients of all ages. If a person adheres strictly to the schedule, addicts can be helped for up to six

Austin treatment centers are determined to ensure that patients and their loved ones receive the help
and guidance that is needed at every step of the reconstruction process. Outpatient Austin programs separate those who are new to addiction treatment centers from those who suffer from a disease such
as alcoholism or drug addiction, or who have returned from a substance abuse treatment center for the
first time. The center coordinates with surrounding alcohol treatment facilities, as well as local law
enforcement and local mental health providers.

The cost and payment options for rehabilitation in Austin are one of the main factors to consider when
choosing a rehab in Austin. The treatment in Austin may be higher than in some in the surrounding
cities, but the amenities may be less. If someone is looking for a rehab for themselves or for a couplesrehab in Austin, then Outpatient Austin may be able to assist them.

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