New Rechargeable LED Headlamp TurboFlash Released by Home Standard

TurboFlash is a hands free led headlamp flashlight that provides the user with one thousand lumen of bright light that will help illuminate any indoor or outdoor project or situation that does not have the natural light to complete the task

Earlier this week Home Standard released its flagship ship product for do it yourselfers, outdoor enthusiasts, and construction pros called TurboFlash. TurboFlash is a hands free LED headlamp flashlight that provides the user with one thousand lumens of bright light that will help illuminate any indoor or outdoor project or situation that does not have sufficient natural light to complete the task at hand.

Ted Roberson owner of Home Standard and the creator of TurboFlash says that headlamps are no longer used for the single purpose of coal mining. When one thinks of headlamps it could elicit the vision of coal miners located deep in a mine digging for some type of metal ore to bring to the surface to market. Headlamps use to be made with incandescent bulbs before the more powerful LED lamps became available.

The use of incandescent bulbs in headlamps had many disadvantages Ted Roberson says. Such as high power consumption meant that the voltage in batteries would lose their power at a faster rate . Using incandescent bulbs also made headlamps very fragile to use in rugged endeavors such as coal mining or construction. One drop or jarring jolt of a headlamp and it was possible the bulb would short out or shatter and the bulb would have to be replaced to have the headlamp work again.

With the growth of today's LED technology Ted Roberson says LED headlamps are lighter, durable and more powerful than they have ever been since the invention of the light bulb. Some LED headlamps range on the lower end from 100 lumens of bright light up to 1000 lumens of bright light or more. This means a lamp can reach illuminations on average of three football fields or more of bright light to help in just about any situation needed.

Today's active society has promoted many instances for the use of a hands free source of bright light that will assist in day to day living. Home improvement and repairs, construction and demolition are a just few uses that LED headlamps can be used for by professionals. Hands free lighting is also handy for helping electricians and plumbers when working in dark areas of the home.

Having a headlamp available for fun uses include bike riding at night, hiking on trails or overnight camping in the forest when spending time with family and friends. Of course the main reason why any would want to have a headlamp readily available Ted Roberson says is to promote safety and security.

No one wants to get hurt by bumping their head on a low beam in a home or tripping over a log in the woods. That is why it is so important to have a backup source of light available for say when the lights go out in the neighborhood or when the car breaks down on a dark highway at night. With a LED headlamp readily available is the way to avoid ever being caught in the dark again.

Contact Info:
Name: Ted Roberson
Phone: 719-963-3570
Organization: TURBOFLASH

Release ID: 37646