New Rebuild Hair Program Presented in Hair Loss Protocol Cure Secret by Jared Gates

Hair Loss Protocol is the latest rebuild hair program created by Jared Gates and Dr. Blound on how to cure or decrease the amount of hair loss (alopecia).

Hair loss naturally occurs in both men and women. It is completely natural for people to notice signs of thinner hair as they age; however, many people suffer with alopecia, which is a disorder that causes extensive amounts of hair loss at an early age. There are basically two types of hair loss; scarring, which means the hair follicle is damaged, prohibiting new hair growth and non-scarring, which is the loss of hair due to various factors, such as genetics, medications, illness and/or poor nutrition. The good news is that hair restoration is possible for both men and women with the newly released Hair Loss Protocol.

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Stress is thought to play a major role in the disruption of a vast array of normal body functions, which may cause hair thinning and an acceleration in balding. Although there is no absolute proof that stress is the primary cause of alopecia, it does appear to worsen the condition. So, reducing stress and avoiding tense situations may help to lessen the risk of hair loss. Stress may contribute to thinning hair, but the primary culprit is dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a hormone naturally produced in both men and women and many of the hair growth products focus on reducing the amount of DHT production. However, DHT production is the result of an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase, so in order to truly reduce the amount of DHT production, the production of 5-alpha reductase must be eliminated in order for a hair loss treatment to be effective.

An effective hair regrowth system should have two primary goals: stopping the balding and as well maintaining healthy hair growth. By accomplishing these two goals, having a full head of healthy hair will occur easily and quickly.

While there is definitely a wide range of medical treatments and hair growth vitamins available that offer good results, the safest and most effective type of hair loss therapy, is a natural hair loss treatment, which includes a healthy diet, the appropriate herbs, vitamins and minerals and proper hair care techniques.

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A natural hair loss cure is often thought of as a pricey alternative to painful and expensive hair replacement procedures, but with the proper guidance, such as the information provided by the new Rebuild Hair Program, hair regrowth can be accomplished effectively and inexpensively. One of the primary sources of blocking the overproduction of DHT is eating the appropriate herbs that block the production of 5-alpha reductase.

This new rebuild hair program is a step by step guide that provides detailed information about what foods and herbs are responsible for providing protein and lowering carbohydrates to prevent hair loss and reduce the production of 5-alpha reductase to encourage healthy hair regrowth.

Hair Loss Protocol was created by Jared Gates and Dr. Blount. It is based on a scientifically proven approach, which does not involve additional supplements or medication. Basically, Hair Loss Protocol is a step by step e-book with specific guidance and detailed explanation on how anyone suffering from rapid hair loss or baldness, can easily get rid of DHT from their body naturally without use of any sort of medication. There are specific minerals and vitamins which can be found at the grocery store and, precise instruction on how to combine them in the daily meal to regain the hair, and prevent additional hair loss.

The new Rebuild Hair Program has been developed solely to help people with hair re-growth issues better understand the true cause of their condition. As well, it has also yielded a much safer and better alternative to hair re-growth that stirs far away from the risky procedures of hair transplants and supplement intake.

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