New Real Estate Appraisal Firm Launched As Housing Market Uptick Takes Shape

Promising forecast for the real estate sector will bring about a growing need for property appraisals, publishes

A new home appraisal firm opened its doors to Southern California residents and property owners this year. REALVALS' launch arrives on the heels of a projected uptick in the residential real estate sector in this and other areas of the nation through decade's end. As the housing market continues to pick up steam from buying and selling perspectives alike, the demand for appraisal services provided by the company is expected to rise in proportion.

Founder Austin Fernald affirmed, "Reports are forecasting a great deal of promise for the real estate market during the years to come. Mortgage rates are expected to linger on the low end of the spectrum while property values set out on an upward trend. Those who purchase homes this year have an opportunity to lock in low rates and watch their homes appreciate considerably over the next several years. With unemployment rates dropping and the economy continuing to improve, property sales will increase as well. We're here to help meet the appraisal needs of those on both sides of the market."

Industry reports are predicting as much as a 30 percent increase in existing home sales during the coming year. As potential buyers enter the mortgage application process, lenders will be focusing greater attention on factors such as current property values, condition and anticipated time to sell in an effort to insure themselves against losses in the event of default. Loan approval is typically contingent upon reports provided by a real estate appraiser as much so as the borrower's financial capacity and credit standing.

Insurance providers will also be looking to appraisals in greater quantity as home sales and new builds surge. With property values steadily rising during the years to come, sellers likewise stand to benefit from the services of an orange county appraiser. Accurate property value reports, comparisons and local market assessments aid in generating maximum profits and ensuring shorter stints on the market.

Concluded Fernald, "This year is going to be a much-needed new start for the real estate sector, and my goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the industry. I'm excited to have the opportunity to use my knowledge, experience and affinity for real estate to the fullest advantage of my clients. Whether they're buying, selling, investing in rental properties or just want a little extra peace of mind, my staff and I are here to offer quality reports, real values and fast turnaround times. We look forward to serving Southern California during this promising era for the housing market and through whatever the future holds in store."


REALVALS is a real estate appraisal firm servicing the Southern California region of Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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