New range of Vidalux 'full spectrum' saunas now available

Infrared technologies and luxury features offer owners the chance to experience heightened levels of healthy living and home spa treatment in style.

England. Friday 19th July: Poshh can proudly announce the arrival of the patented ‘full spectrum’ saunas from premium shower and sauna manufacturer Vidalux, and will now be taking orders with immediate effect for fast deliveries and installations.

Luxury Comfort & Stunning Designs Backed By Industry-Changing Technologies

The newly developed Vidalux range has only just been released but is already gaining a lot of headlines. In addition to boasting the luxury and style synonymous with the shower and spa company’s line of products, the stunning saunas are blessed with full-spectrum and innovative ‘Complete Heat’ technologies to provide greater health benefits than any product on the market.

The one-of-a-kind hybrid of nano carbon panels and full spectrum heaters utilises all three types of infrared signals including Near (0.075 – 1.5 microns), Mid (1.5 – 5.6 microns), and Far (5.6 – 15 microns) signals. While the Near infrared is designed to aid cell health and wound healing as well as producing anti-ageing properties, the Mid infrared can boost circulation and relieve pain.

Far infrared reduces blood pressure, makes the user feel relaxed, and can be used to promote positive weight loss. The full spectrum saunas also utilise foot heaters while next-generation Zero-EMF panels create a super efficient solution that is free from cold spots.

The saunas also provide the opportunity to use Chromotherapy treatments courtesy of the seven mood changing lights, all of which can be controlled from a remote.

In addition to bringing advanced technology for improved health benefits, the Vidalux range offers excellent versatility. We stock single, dual, and triple units as well as a curved glass option. When combined with the wooden structure, finding a sauna that suits your home should be an extremely easy task.

Quick Deliveries & Easy Installations At An Exceptional Price

Despite being the most advanced DIY home infrared saunas on the market, the Vidalux range is available at surprisingly affordable prices while Poshh is also pleased to offer a selection of repayment plans. We also stock all options in the range, giving you quick access to the perfect solution.

Both Vidalux and Poshh are respected names in the industry, allowing you to purchase with confidence, not least because the installations and final checks can be included. The new technology is a real breakthrough in the industry and the deals offer homeowners the opportunity to be among the first to enjoy the health benefits as well as the relaxed comforts offered by the beautiful units.

The new range builds on the success of other products on the market but achieves so much more. When supported by the luxury features such as touchpads and media playback facilities, they are the perfect addition for the modern home.

More information is available from the Poshh website as well Poshh’s press contact Andrew Ellis, who can be contacted by telephone on 0800 020 9545 or via email at Alternatively, you can write directly to Poshh The Silo Middleton Business Park, Middleton Road Morecambe LA3 3PX.

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