New Protocol for Token Pools and Auction Launches to Offer Developers an Excellent Platform to Promote Stellar Blockchain Projects

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With XLMPad, cryptocurrency developers and experts can now raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment for their token launchings and presale

The process of building a blockchain-based project from scratch can be long and quite complicated. Keeping up with the innovations of modern crypto can be hard, and one could fall behind on design and implementation. Even though the blockchain industry has already proved that its ICO model is a billion-dollar business, most stellar blockchain-based projects are still faced with certain issues to be solved, starting with problems in conducting an IDO.

XLMPad was built to help developers deploy projects faster and increase performance without failure. It offers an unparalleled yet simplified process with which developers can easily raise capital for their token launch and carry out Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for their projects. It is the first launchpad and incubator on XLM blockchain, and developers can now launch their stellar Blockchain projects on the platform without hassle.

“Launching a cryptocurrency is difficult and time-consuming,” affirmed Tomas Kaceviciusr, CEO of XLMPad. “Expertise in, among other things, cryptography, blockchain technology, and programming are required. However, at XLMPad, we are helping people conduct IDOs and develop stellar blockchain projects by providing both the underlying technology and an experienced team of developers. We choose the XLM protocol for our project because we believe that it has the potential to reach mass adoption. It’s fast, borderless, low-cost, and scalable.”

Since it was launched in December 2021, XLMPad has provided a constantly expanding set of decentralized offering revolutionary, flexible technology to add value to the launchpads industry as a whole, in XLM blockchain specifically. Startups can boost their initiative and reward communities by utilizing the platform’s services. XLMPad's major goal is to tackle the Stellar Ecosystem's illiquidity problem and give a single unified UX/UI on its platform, which is an important aspect that gets neglected by other projects.

XLMPad is motivated by a strong desire to help others and the platform looks forward to the positive behavior from its community which is primarily a distinguishing factor. XLMPad's ethos and utility are founded on the foundations that its community continues to construct. “Positive or negative criticism is vital as long as we could learn anything from the hundreds of interactions, we got every day. Having said that, concentrating on communities allows the XLMPad Team to position as a product-market fit reference,” Tomas Kacevicius concluded.

Investors and traders can buy the XLMPad’s token on Scopuly, Lobstr, and Stellarport. To apply for an IDO, please visit

For more information, log on to or download the Whitepaper. Connect with XLMPad via Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

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Name: Tomas Kacevicius
Email: Send Email
Organization: XLMPad

Release ID: 89062633

Name: Tomas Kacevicius
Email: Send Email
Organization: XLMPad