New Products by Thermalabs Supremasea Doing Well in the Market

New products introduced by Supremasea in the last few weeks appear to be performing pretty well in the market.

The latest batch of products released by Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand appears to be doing very well in the market. It appears that behind the scene, Thermalabs research and production departments have been very busy. The company has managed to launch at least 4 new products over the last one month. And the good news is that these products have already picked the ‘Thermalabs’ rhythm on and other online marketplaces where the company sells its products.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company has contributed at least two dozen different products to the cosmetics market. Although most of these are tanning aids and accessories, Thermalabs appears to be increasingly focusing on expanding to other areas, such as organic healthcare and beach accessories.

The company introduced Supremasea last year as a new sub-brand that would be in charge of all skincare products based on mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea. Earlier this year, Thermalabs introduced Tent World. This is its private collection of tents, and other beach related products. Organic Healthcare is the third and last sub-brand to be ever announced by Thermalabs. This is a completely new attempt to take on the healthcare market. However, Thermalabs does it in a different way. The company uses over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom acquired from the Rambam (an ancient Jewish physician), to create products that can restore some of the healthcare benefits that human ancestors enjoyed.

Each of these divisions (sub-brands) has introduced a couple of products that are currently in the market. But Supremasea appears to be moving at top speed. Over the last 6 weeks, this brand has launched the Lavender Body Scrub exfoliator, the Vanilla Patchouli body scrub exfoliator, and the Shea Body Butter lotion. Each of these products is based on Dead Sea salts, in combination with other premium skincare ingredients.

The Lavender body scrub exfoliator combines the benefits of unique Dead Sea salts with those of Wheat Germ Oil, Calendula Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil among many other ingredients. The product helps remove the layer of dead cells from the skin, leaving it looking healthy and more youthful. Thermalabs Lavender exfoliator also leaves a pleasing fragrance on the skin after use. Vanilla Patchouli body scrub is similar to the Lavender product, only that it contains different ingredients. In addition to Dead Sea salts, the Vanilla scrub has Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Sweet Almond Oils. It offers the same exfoliation benefits as the Lavender scrub. The third launch, Shea Body Butter, is a top notch product designed to help people with dry or broken skin. It’s also ideal for removing stretch marks, scars, and other skin imperfections. All of these Supremasea products have been rated 5-star (on average) by customers who bought them on This is a consistent top performance reminiscent of products that are able to live up to user expectations.

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