New Procedure For Men Adding Bulk in the Shoulders

A new cosmetic surgery procedure that appeals mostly to men is beginning to see a rise in popularity.

Shoulder implants, known in the medical community as deltoid implants, is the process of inserting a silicone implant under the deltoid muscle in the outer part of the shoulder. The implant delivers bulk, width and definition to shoulders.

“Some people can work out constantly, but they just cannot get the deltoid shape they want,” said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton. “Implants provide the mass and definition they are looking for.”

The surgery started out, as most cosmetic procedures do, to correct disfigurement from accidents and illness or congenital disorders. Then, a few people saw what it did and they opted to have the same thing done cosmetically.

‘We still see it mostly in men, but fitness women may also utilizing shoulder implants. These women, particularly those who wear clothes with exposed shoulders are very interested in providing more definition and shape. The ability to round and add curve is one of the top reasons we’re seeing for this procedure,” Dr. Stanton said.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia usually. Patients can go home the same day and take a few days to recover. The incisions are small and done within the front and back armpit .

“Because this is the shoulder area and it’s a joint region that has a wide range of motion, recovery periods vary. For sure, you’re not going to do any lifting or straining with your arms for about six weeks.” Dr. Stanton said.

Because this is a fairly new procedure, extremely few, even board certified plastic surgeons, are familiar with the technique. Therefore, make sure the surgeon you choose is qualified.

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ABOUT DR. STANTON - Dr. Ryan Stanton is a fully credentialed board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon focusing on cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California. Before starting his Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Stanton gained a wealth of experience in aesthetic plastic surgery practicing in Miami, Florida. Dr. Stanton did his initial training in both general surgery, and then plastic surgery for a total of six years before completing a cosmetic plastic surgery fellowship in Miami, FL.

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