New Positive Lifestyle Brand spreading hope and love with inspiring apparels & accessories

Recycled Heart is a positive clothing brand that offers clothes and accessories with inspiring messages to help those having a hard time in recovering from addiction or an ailment or any negative though pattern.

A new positive lifestyle brand has just opened in Seattle with the powerful mission to spread hope and love among all those struggling with addiction recovery. Titled as “Recycled Heart”, the visionary company celebrates recovery through its unique inspiring clothing line and accessories. The shop caters to both men and women.

Recycled Heart is committed to help anybody recovering from any kind of addiction or any negative habit or a mental ailment.

“Recovery from addiction or any chronic ailment is always painful and often pushes one into isolation which further worsens the situation. People who are recovering and their closed ones do need mental support from others in such a dire crisis. They need someone to tell them that the struggle is just ‘temporary’ and they are not alone in the fight and that they will be able to get back to their normal life soon. And this is where Recycled Heart comes in. We are dedicated to help you to come out of that damaging isolation by encouraging meaningful connection with others, through our positive clothing line. We aspire to be the helping hand for those trying to recover and also for those who are having a hard time in seeing their close ones fighting to recover”, stated the founder of Recycled Heart.

Recycled Heart is offering a specialized range of addiction recovery apparel including tanks and tees for both men and women. The shop also hosts a unisex section with t-shirts for both men and women. There is a dedicated section for accessories (like bracelets) as well. All the apparels and accessories from the store are designed with optimistic lines such as – “Once Dead Now Alive”, “Hope”, “Pray Grind Hustle”, “Choose Joy” and many such inspiring messages.

Recycled Heart is not your regular fashion brand. Added to fashion, the company is on a greater mission to enable people get rid of the usual stigma attached to recovery through its positive lifestyle clothing. The company aspires to encourage great conversation and friendships through its optimistic t-shirts and bracelets that will finally create a positive and inviting atmosphere for those going through recovery.

“We would love to remind all that recovery is just a part of life and there is definitely no shame in that. Such things are not uncommon and at times we fall into the traps of negative thoughts and behaviors. But the best part is that you are finally on the road to recovery. Our positive clothing and accessories champion such a gallant and optimistic attitude and are meant to inspire you to move forward through motivational messages.”

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