New Patented GAGE200 Electric Car Could Revolutionize The Automoblie Industry

The new Patented Gage200 system averages more than 200 miles per gallon on cars of today. Using a multiple power source system for propelling vehicles of today and the future.

Patent Number US 8,397,852 B1 was presented to the inventor Raymond Earl Perry on March 19, 2013. Originally filed in July 3, 2001 it was a long hard road but finally the new spin on electric and gasoline cars of today is finally going to happen. The inventor comes from Selma, North Carolina and wants to put an end to surging gas prices with another option. Maybe someone will be interested in the GAGE200 Patent. He has built 2 prototype cars with this new idea embedded deep into the car. He can get up to 200 miles on a single gallon of gasoline with GAGE200.

One aspect of the present invention provides a multiple mode vehicle power system based on Gas, Air, Generator, and Electric motor inputs (GAGE). A brief desciption on the nuts and bolts of Raymond's invention goes as follows A vehicle power system includes a constant speed internal combustion engine coupled with an electrical generator for powering an electric motor coupled to the drive train supplements the electric motor. The air assist system includes an air fan powered by diverted air flow during vehicle travel and by an engine driven air compressor during low vehicle speeds.

More details about the GAGE200 and the complete Patent can be found on their website or by referring to Patent Number: US 8,397,852 B1.

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