New Organic Skincare Line Defeats Olay And Clinique In Blind Clinical Trial

Already becoming an international success in under 5 months, the company was started by a 25-year-old searching for an answer to his own hair and skin problems.

With chemical-based skincare under the microscope by today’s consumers, organic skincare is becoming the new trend. However, as the demand for organic products increase, it seems the prices are becoming just as high. But a new breakout organic cosmetic company is now setting the pace for the industry, its name; Z Skin Cosmetics.

Already winning awards worldwide for its low price and high performance products; it has become an international success within months. Ryan Zamo, the CEO of the company told us, “I really didn’t think much about my products when I first made them. I mean, to the person who creates them they’re obviously the best thing ever, but it’s kind of like everyone thinking they have the worlds greatest pet”.

Reports released just last week have proven the success of the products, beating out the leading competition in clinical trials. The new products contain a combination of ancient herbal traditions from around the world, imported just for the companies products. Though it comes as no surprise, within just 5 months of its launch, Z Skin Cosmetics has skyrocketed into a globally recognized brand in organic hair and skincare.

With the extremely memorizing growth rate, Ryan Zamo’s handmade products have become both internationally selling skincare and hair care lines. Recent reports mentioned the 25-year-old repeatedly turning down corporations offering multi-million-dollar deals for him to sell his formulas, stating, “I always say “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.” I never started doing this for the money, I did it to help others out, so hearing customers thanking me for changing their lives is worth way more than these corporations can ever offer me.”

The talented and hardworking CEO, at just 25-years-old, is plowing through and quickly creating a new avenue for the organic skincare industry. Zamo took his own problems, mixed it with a bit of hope and passion and has created a company that is a true testament to the American Dream.

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