New Organic Lake Weed Control Product Innovates The Lake Weed Killer Industry

Lake Bottom Blanket has released an new and innovative lake weed control product that is far superior to other products in their niche.

An organic and chemical-free product by the Derma Safe Company, called the Lake Bottom Blanket will revolutionize the lake weed control product market and entirely change the way that consumers deal with the lake weeds plaguing their water front properties, lakes, and ponds.

The Derma Safe Company has developed products for the Military, and recently fulfilled a major contract with the Lake Bottom Blanket for the prestigious Lake Tahoe, an upscale destination in Nevada, which has long been an exclusive getaway for the rich and famous.

Lake weed control is a major issue for many, from lake front home owners to people that host ponds in their backyards. Most in the past have treated their water with chemicals that kill fish, plants, and types of algae that keep the water naturally balanced and healthy.

Lake Bottom Blanket has a patented product that has been revolutionary to their niche industry. It is made of non-chemical materials that only control the lake weeds and do not have any sort of affect on the other plant life. The Lake Bottom Blanket is simply laid upon the affected area in the lake front, and the barrier then blocks the sun, which deprives the lake weeds from any oxygen. This controls the lake weeds in the water and restores it to a clear and natural setting, prior to being plagued by the lake weeds.

Keeping control of the lake weeds in a water front property is essential to not only the safety of swimmers, and aquatic life but also preserves property value. People specifically buy lake front properties so they can enjoy the luxuries of living on the lake. Maintaining lake weed control is essential to a home owner because the weeds can cause the property to decrease in value, which can cause five and even six figure losses to the owner of the lake property.

The Lake Bottom Blanket innovation started with Warren Grosjean and Paul Grosjean, a father and son team. Warren, an MIT graduate and Engineer. Paul, a graduate of Northeastern University, also an Engineer. Together they developed the Lake Bottom Blanket to meet a demand that had not yet been made by other lake weed control products in the market. Paul and Warren's Derma Safe Company have been bringing quality products to the market for over 30 years, including products they have developed for the United States Military. Visit Visit the Lake Bottom Blanket website website for more information about their products and services.

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