New NQS Technology Takes Online Trading World by Storm

Orion Code System is a new trading robot which was founded and designed by Edward Robinson and his team of programming geniuses. The software features Near Orion Speed technology which can process ongoing market data in milliseconds and deliver accurate asset price movement forecasts.

The Internet traders have been raving about a software which got its market release in late 2016. Over the course of the last couple of months, it has managed to accumulate considerable profits to almost everyone who has opted to complete Orion Code’s free sign up procedure. What draws so many people towards this trading robot is the fact that it features the revolutionary NQS technology. It features specific quantum computing codes that manage to gather data about current market trends and predict asset price movements with a consistent accuracy rate.

Edward Robinson is the founder of Orion Code Software and the CEO of the company that designed and tested the investment system. His professional background working for a high-frequency trading company in upstate New York proved helpful. It took almost four years in order for the entire trial period surrounding the robot’s establishment to be completed.

The version that online users take advantage of in recent times is the 8th overall update of the auto-pilot robot. Average daily earnings often exceed $1,500 and some experienced investors have even managed to accumulate well above $10,000 in under 24 hours. They relied on the appliance of a vast array of trading strategies and different technical indicators in order to achieve this.

Mr. Robinson has stated that he decided to leave his previous occupation because it left him little time to spend with his wife and kids. Upon doing so, he took some of the most promising minds from the technical department. One of the main reasons for the auto-pilot software’s success is the fact that the best analysts and programmers developed its coding and algorithm.

Among the things which distinguish OrionCode System among other digital investment tools is the fact that it utilizes Near Orion Speed (NQS) technology in order to provide users with a success rate of 95.6%. Most of the people who have registered and are currently earning a stable digital income with the software state that it has the full capacity to deliver accurate and reliable asset price forecasts.

What characterizes OrionCode Software is the fact that it issues the said predictions milliseconds before adversaries. Its auto-pilot mode then places the trade and user are allowed to enjoy favorable monetary earnings without any action on their side. Those who wish to show advanced investment skills are free to do so with the manual mode.

If anyone wishes to enhance his trading knowledge, then he will find the materials in the Education Center extremely helpful. All articles and vlog entries are presented in an interactive and engaging manner. Users enjoy them so much that they barely even realize that they are learning useful skills.

Edward Robinson states that he is extremely thankful to his team for helping him establish and design the remarkable piece of trading technology that is Orion Code System. While basking in the success of his newly-found financial independence, he regularly donates anonymously to a number of charities. He urges the members of the automated trading robot to do the same.

As visitor numbers continue to rise steadily, the founding team is already working on future tweaks and system upgrades. They wish to keep their users satisfied so the sign up will remain free for the next couple of years. This is a way for Mr. Robinson and his team to give back to the world for the financial prosperity they have been enjoying.

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