New Mazor X Robotic System to be used by Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis

Spine Surgeon Dr. Richard Francis, Founder of Spine Associates in 2003 will be using the most up to date current robotic technology since the recent installation of the Mazor X Robotic System for spine surgery. Robotics in surgery is not just in the future anymore, it’s becoming the standard of care for providing the most accurate computerized assistance in surgery.

World renowned Spine Surgeon, Dr. Richard Francis is widely recognized for being one of the first in the world to use some of the very latest in robotic technology for spine surgery. In 2013 Dr. Francis was one of the first to use the Mazor Renaissance system, the only FDA Approved robot for spine surgery which was the size of a soda can. Now, in 2017, the newest robotic system for spine surgery, the Mazor X System has recently been installed at First Surgical Hospital in Houston Texas. Again, Dr. Francis will be one of the first surgeons to perform spine surgery with this newest robotic technology. Dr. Francis was among the first to use Mazor Robotics technology in the US and has a series of approximately 500 cases over the past 5 years, making him one of the most experienced surgeons in the use of the technology worldwide.

Mazor Robotics’ new Mazor X system will allow spine surgeons to use this system for pre-operative analysis prior to a spine operation, for guidance during the surgery and use it for real time 3-D verification during the surgery. The Mazor X system helps the surgeons and their patients by assisting surgeons with a total patient treatment strategy. This robotic technology helps physicians determine a spinal alignment plan before surgery. During the surgery, a bed-attached, bone-mounted surgical arm will help guide the procedure as determined by the pre-operative analytics plan. Finally, 3-D verification during the procedure will use 2-D fluoroscopy-based technology, clearance-pending visual tracking, and intraoperative imaging to give surgeons the feedback needed to ensure the procedure is going as planned. The new system should allow spine surgeons to perform additional procedures like posterial cervical fusions and percutaneous sacroiliac joint fusion, scoliosis corrections, lumbar and thoracic fusions, fracture repairs and revision and trauma surgeries.

In recent years since the development of the robotic technology Dr. Francis has also been training other physicians in the use of this new equipment and has facilitated the only robotic spine-surgery training lab offered in Texas for spine surgeons. Dr. Francis has found that robotic assisted spine surgery has been extremely beneficial to his patients, providing a greater accuracy than conventional freehand methods. In addition, patients benefit from lower x-ray exposure, less pain and fewer scars. Patients who have undergone robotic assisted spine surgery have also experienced fewer complications and can return to normal activities more quickly than those whose surgeries were performed by traditional methods.

Dr. Francis is one of few spine surgeons capable of performing surgeries on children as well as adults, he is also one of the few surgeons in the nation that performs scoliosis revision surgery and reconstructive surgery on children and adults who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past. Dr. Francis routinely uses minimally invasive surgical techniques which benefit patients by speeding recovery and minimizing post-operative pain, most of which are performed on an outpatient basis so patients typically return home the same day¬¬¬¬ as their procedure is done. Some of the most common surgical procedures Dr. Francis performs include Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery, Artificial Disc Replacement, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Scoliosis Surgery as well as Revision and reconstructive Surgery.

There are often complex or multi-factor challenges to an accurate diagnosis of back or neck pain which is why it’s extremely important to see a physician that is specifically trained in spine medicine. Spine Specialists like Dr. Francis with years of very specific expertise in treating all conditions of neck, back and spine are always going to be the best choice for those suffering with chronic pain. Some of the most common conditions treated by Dr. Francis are Sciatica, Neck Pain and Neuropathy, Scoliosis and Spine Deformity in adults and adolescents, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Disc, Spinal fractures and Trauma, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, and Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain.

As one of the Top Spine Surgeons in the world who is constantly on the cutting edge of technology as well as innovation, Dr. Francis and Spine Associates has what may be the only Patient Ambassador Program for Spine Surgery patients. This program gives new spine surgery patients the opportunity to talk with someone who understands what they will be going through. When new patients are trying to decide about spine surgery as a treatment option it can be very helpful for them to connect with someone who has had a very similar experience. The Patient Ambassador Program was created by patients for patients and carefully matches new patients with former patients who have volunteered to share their experiences.

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