New Look, UK fashion retailer giant integrates in-app stories powered by Storyly to boost conversion

Storyly, the pioneering in-app marketing tool, is excited to announce a new addition to their client portfolio: New Look, UK’s leading fast-fashion brand.

Storyly, the pioneering in-app marketing tool, is excited to announce a new addition to their client portfolio: New Look, UK’s leading fast-fashion brand.

After more than a year into the pandemic, online retail channels are thinking hard about retention and how to engage the sudden influx of users, especially on mobile. New Look spotted the trend of in-app stories as a user engagement tool and with it, found a unique way to bolster its app retention strategy. “As a fashion app, we’re constantly looking for new ways to inspire and excite our customers. Storyly enables a mobile friendly way of delivering just that. Like most fashion retailers, we have a lot of information to convey to customers – new ranges, new deals, new schemes, rules around delivery times – Storyly allows us to communicate these in a format that’s mobile optimized, modern and doesn’t overwhelm,” says Phil O'Hagan, Product Lead at New Look.

Storyly was born when the team at parent company AppSamurai challenged themselves to think from the perspective of marketers. While user acquisition may prove hardship, keeping users in the app is the ultimate challenge of any growing mobile business. Storyly enables businesses to bring the familiar experience of social media platforms’ story feature into mobile apps to enhance engagement; whether it’s for maximizing in-app marketing, visualizing content to spark interest or boosting conversion to report from a simple dashboard.

With in-app stories, comes a wealth of in-app marketing opportunities from interactive videos to shoppable tags. O'Hagan emphasizes the value they’ve seen in the first months going live; “With Storyly we’re able to better explain and teach our customers about various app features that we have, and so are seeing some huge strengths not just in inspiring our customers but also in educating them. Storyly is a great tool for directing our customers to particular products, categories or style tips we want to promote.” New Look saw real impact right off the bat; their ‘Offers’ story group in the app had a 50% click-through rate increase once Storyly was incorporated.

As for integration, New Look team finds creating stories super simple and intuitive. The team added Storyly into the app with no code and a quick seamless integration. “Storyly has a really useful analytics tool where we can review which of the stories our customers are loving the most. Early findings indicate that customers are more engaged with notable improvements in frequency of visit and conversion. We’re excited to continue using Storyly and the features it has to offer like segmentation and personalization,” says Sophie Lambert, Junior Product Manager of Mobile Apps at New Look, signaling what’s to come in the future.

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Storyly is a user engagement tool which brings an enhanced version of mobile stories directly to every mobile app without the need to code. With a team experienced in mobile growth, Storyly helps mobile businesses seeking to develop new ways to engage and retain their users so they can foster long-lasting relationships with their users and increase ARPU & LTV. Storyly is developed by its parent company, App Samurai which develops technologies for mobile growth journey from acquisition, fraud detection to engagement.

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App Samurai is a mobile growth company that delivers solutions for their clients’ end-to-end mobile growth journey from acquisition, fraud detection to engagement regardless of their positioning in the mobile ecosystem, so they can build sustainable connections with their customers via mobile applications ensuring growth as a result of mobile-focused technology, experience and a dedicated team of experts.

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