New Live Leap Launch Causes Worldwide Discussion, as Unique Bonus Introduced by eMarketing Champs

New Live Leap launch causes worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground, as unique bonus package introduced by eMarketing Champs. Study On Ad Ambivalence Show Resistance To Push Notifications From Mobile Users.

The new Live Leap Review is causing worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground because it promises to be the world's first 'Facebook Live' syndication tool.

HanifQ, an expert internet marketer, has provided a full guide and comprehensive bonus package for the Live Leap tool, available on this webpage:

Hanif regards himself as a legitimate LiveLeap review critic, because of his extensive experience with Facebook and Social Media marketing. According to Hanif Live Leap members should limit the number of push notification messages being sent to mobile customers.

There is a recent study that has shown there is resistance to push notification from those that receive them from applications that they have downloaded to their smart phone. The study has shown that 62% of those that surveyed made this complaint, and would prefer to not have more than one every month. This is in stark contrast to the way that people think about emails, even spam that comes to their email address, and it has to do with how they are receiving this information. There is a built-in stigmatism for mobile apps sending any type of information, even if it is from one of their favorite brands.

First, they decided to make a study on how much time people are spending using certain applications on their phones. They discovered that about 70% had at least one branded application, specifically from a company that they had either purchased a product from, or that they were using for the service that was provided. According to the statistics from SessionM, the people that were surveyed did not mind as much if the app was free. However, if they had paid for the application, they did not want to see any type of push notification as they feel that a paid application should not require a constant barrage of advertisements for additional products and services. In fact, over 40% of the people stated that they are not okay with seeing any type of advertisements on their smart phone at all. This could be problematic for those that are actually creating apps in order to generate traffic from mobile users across the nation. If people are not willing to click on the notifications, nor do they want to see them, sales are not going to be made.

There was a more positive response from those that had actually taken advantage of a push notification which led to the sale of a product. These are individuals that are open to the idea that smart phones are also an appropriate place to see advertisements. However, it is still true that mobile devices are used primarily to do research on products that people want to buy, not necessarily make the purchase. It is this conditioning that we all have which makes most of us wanting to avoid push notifications at all, even if it is from an application that has been downloaded where they know that they can happen.

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