New Leads Flow Pro Launch Causes Worldwide Discussion, As Unique Bonus Introduced By eMarketing Champs

New Leads Flow Pro launch causes worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground, as unique bonus package introduced by eMarketing Champs. Facebook Launches Instant Articles To Messenger.

The new Leads Flow Pro Review is causing worldwide discussion in the digital marketing review underground because it promises help users generate more leads in an automated way.

HanifQ, an expert internet marketer, has provided a full guide and comprehensive bonus package for the LeadsFlow Pro tool, available on this webpage:

Hanif regards himself as a legitimate LeadsFlow Pro review critic, because of his extensive experience with lead generation and local marketing. According to Hanif Leads Flow Pro users should also incorporate Facebook's latest 'Instant Articles' feature to help create a viral effect.

Facebook Instant Articles was launched in 2015, and definitely lives up to its hype. Working with a handful of select publishers including BuzzFeed, they allowed these publishers to provide them with content that could be viewed by mobile users. The best aspect of Instant Articles is how fast the articles will load. Facebook has now announced that it will allow instant articles to interact with its Messenger platform, starting with the Android, and then moving to the iPhone. Users will recognize that it is an instant article because of the lightning bolt that can be seen within a link that has actually been shared on Messenger. As always, the goal is to improve user experience, especially those using mobile phones, and in this particular case Facebook has definitely delivered.

If you think about how most people share articles on Facebook, they will go to a news site on their PC, copy the URL, and post that link which will show an image and title of the article in their newsfeed. This was much more difficult when using a mobile phone which is why Instant Articles was introduced. Now, catering to those that habitually use Messenger on a regular basis, they will now be able to share articles with people that they are messaging with, streamlining the entire process.

According to people that have tried this out, there will be virtually no delay that is detectable when using Messenger over using Facebook and Instant Articles. It is simply another way that Facebook is making it much more simple, and incredibly fast, for information to be disseminated between people and their followers. Since these articles load up to 10 times faster than they would on a regular phone browser, they will likely be used much more often. As with anything, once it becomes a habit, it will become not only a great way for people to share information, but for Facebook to also profit from yet another great idea.

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