New Kindle Paella Cook Book Released For Gourmet Food Lovers

ELG Marketing, a website dedicated to spreading the knowledge about Paella, announces the release of a new Amazon Kindle ebook that teaches people the way to cook authentic Valencian Paella.

With tips and suggestions designed for anyone to succeed at cooking authentic paella at home, the new ebook is officially launched during a three-day promotion running from February 22 to 24.

This newly updated ebook, which takes to form of a step-by-step guide to show how Paella is traditionally cooked every day in Valencia (Spain), unabashedly targets audience who likes cooking for family or friends at special events.

“In other words, what this means is that if you are someone who has ever wanted to try cooking paella, but either did not succeed or were afraid to do it because of the complexity of the dish, this Valencian Paella Cook Book was designed with you in mind,” says Eduard Lopez, Owner, ELG Marketing.

“If you don’t want to risk your lunch with your guests trying your hand at Valencian Paella cooking, then I suggest you get your copy of this new Spanish-cooking style book before copies run out,” adds Lopez, who believes anyone following the instructions in this new cook book will be certain to have their paella turn out just like the ones cooked at home in Spain.

Not only will the new cook book present an opportunity for housewives and all those who love to cook at home with an entirely different cooking style book, but its recipe is focused on the process which helps the reader to get through it in a relaxed, detailed and logical way so as to successfully complete the cooking process in a professional manner.

Besides just containing the most traditional Paella recipe (the Valencian Paella), this new cook book also details historical information about the Valencian cooking method, presented from the perspective of a person that is a native of Valencia and observed paella cooking at home since childhood.

The book is authored by Maria Brull, a native Spaniard. Besides being a Classic Ballet teacher and Yoga practitioner, Maria is, above all else, a lover of culture and traditions. Maria has to date written two books that were designed to help spread the knowledge of Paella cooking.

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