New Investment Software Makes Headlines on the Forex Market

An online investment tool going under the name of HBSwiss was recently released onto the market. It is the product of a childhood dream that creator Hans Berger had - to design a deus ex machina that would help people better their lives.

Swiss-native Hans Berger developed and established an automated investment system which features the unique Swiss Trading Technology. More and more users proceed to get started with the robot because of its highly accurate asset movement prediction ability. Some have even gone as far as to state that this is one of the top available options on the Internet. It is based on the economic studies of Grover and Shor and the Black-Scholes-Merton principles. Reviews have been more than positive and the Forex platform has begun to accumulate international popularity and acclaim.

Hans Berger had always had a dream of designing a virtual deus ex machina which could not only be utilized for conducting financially favorable trading operations on the Internet but also enable him to quit his day job and dedicate more time and attention to his own family. He did not know this as a child when the idea first occurred to him but the years of experience as a banking specialist in the online investments department cleared it off.

He was assisted by his childhood friend Bastian Herman with the programming algorithm of HBSwiss Software. It is based on a revolutionary concept which has only recently been introduced to the world of online investments – Swiss Trading Technology. Mr. Berger has shared in a number of interviews that the said manages to successfully combine technical superiority with the best traditions of the eponymous country in hospitality.

As user satisfaction rates only continue to rise, it is evident that Hans Berger managed to do a good job. The winning ratio of the Forex trading robot often exceeds 97.5% and it cleverly-designed auto-pilot mode allows nearly every client, without a view whether he or she has sophisticated professional or scholarly knowledge of digital investments.

The programming algorithm’s capacity to rightfully predict the future movements of currency pair prices has enabled Mr. Berger to quit his day job and enjoy quality time with his wife and children. He has shared that his significant other was quite skeptical as to whether he would be able to achieve financial prosperity with the release of the software.

She doubted his abilities to design such a highly complex automated investment tool. The main reason for this as that during the creation period Hans was spending less time than ever with her and more with his team. She even threatened him with divorce if this were to continue.

HBSwiss System has nowadays managed to bring happiness and financial comfort to the Berger family. They are not the only ones to enjoy prosperity as there is a growing number of users who have achieved success while taking advantage of the trading software’s excellent auto-pilot and the fact that one does not even have to be in front of the computer in order to have solid daily returns on investment rates.

Mr. Berger has dedicated sufficient amount of his acquired earnings to philanthropy, stating that it is best to remember where he came from and give back to the less fortunate than him. He advises all the people who have achieved independence and favorable investment results thanks to his Swiss Trading Technology to do the same.

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