New Investment Platform Introduces Swiss Trading Technology

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HBSwiss is a platform which was established with the purpose of embodying all of the best Swiss principles, such as hospitality, generosity, and sophistication. Its creator Hans Berger is a financier who wanted to present users with the possibility to carry out successful trades.

Newly-founded Forex software HBSwiss introduced a revolutionary Swiss trading technology to Internet investors. The said state that they prefer to utilize the services of this particular system because of the fact that its computer codes are based on the economic principles and studies of Black-Scholes-Merton and of Grover and Shor. This is also how the robot manages to generate such favorable results on a daily basis. Official statistics show that its average success rate is 98%. Most of the people who have completed its free sign up procedure state that they will continue doing so in the future as well.

Hans Berger is often looked at as a true visionary by his peers and private community. Once the head of the online trading department at an upscale bank in Geneva, Switzerland, he is currently enjoying the successful results of his HBSwiss Software. The investor did his best in order to not only make his childhood dream of designing a digital deus ex machina but also presented an ever-increasing number of people with the opportunity to become financially independent.

As much as he wanted to do it all on his own, Hans was assisted by his high school friend Bastian Hermann and the software development team he hired specifically for the purpose. Working from dusk till dawn in a small apartment, things took a toll for the worst in his personal relationship with his wife. She threatened to leave him if he did not take the time to spend more quality time with her and their children.

It was all worth it in the end. Thanks to the profits the Forex trading robot is bringing him nowadays, he can completely dedicate himself to those closest to him. But Mr. Berger is not the only one who is taking advantage of HBSwiss System’s capacity to generate consistent daily profits. Users feel more than fortunate that the brand new Swiss Trading Technology has gotten its official introduction to the Internet investment community.

HBSwiss robot earnings often exceed $3,000 daily. Traders can choose between an automated and a manual mode. The first one does not require them to have any sophisticated understanding of the market and how exactly it works. Asset price history and trends have been implemented into the programming algorithm and the trading software has excellent capacities to predict the way that currency pairs will shift.

Experienced user needs will also be met as the manual mode allows them to apply various strategies, all six trading indicators as well as fundamental and technical analysis. The Forex software has an estimated winning rate and its sign up is free. Hans Berger insisted that this remains so as he wishes ordinary people to have the chance to generate good payouts with little skills.

His basic concept for the trading system was for it to embody the best Swiss principles and practices – hospitality, generosity, and sophistication. The fact that so many people prefer to invest using HBSwiss means that he has done a successful job. Hans will not stop there but he will continue developing and adding more special features and upgrades to the system.

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Name: Ralf Metzger
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Organization: HBSwiss

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Name: Ralf Metzger
Email: Send Email
Organization: HBSwiss