New International Best Seller Book Release on Surviving Emotional Abuse

Secrets At The Big House is the inspirational true story that can also show readers how to turn adversities into gifts.

Friday, November 20th. Florida, USA: Highly respected writer, life coach, and physician Ana Maria Michelena's first book has achieved bestseller status and is now available in paperback and Kindle edition courtesy of Monarch Crown Publishing.

A True Story Of Resilience & Recovery

In Secrets At The Big House: Overcoming The Damage Of A Narcissistic Mother And An Emotionally Absent Father, Michelena combines her autobiographical experiences of a difficult childhood with a novel format to deliver an engaging read while simultaneously providing guidance for anyone that has suffered from any form of emotional abuse.

Michelena takes readers on an emotional yet inspiring journey through a childhood of confusion caused by a mother who showcased a perfect life in public but would transform into an angry mother behind closed doors, using emotional torture to torment her children and kill any source of self-esteem.

The author explains how optimism and joy were suffocated from an early age while she also scratches deep beneath the surface of several themes, including the concept that things aren't always what they seem from the outside. To the outside world, The Big House would have appeared to be an idyllic place for children to grown. The reality, however, was that many aspects of living inside it were a living hell.

While the honest representation of an emotionally damaging childhood paints a bleak backdrop, Secrets At The Big House is actually a story of hope underpinned by the fact that Michelena was able to rehabilitate and recover her mental wellbeing before building a successful life for herself. While her road to recovery was a long one, the wisdom imparted throughout her tale aims to support victims of emotional abuse in their personal battles.

It's an emotionally engaging, tragic, but uplifting true story with universally-relevant themes that has already been enjoyed by readers around the world and continues to motivate victims to finally break free from the shackles of their past torment. While the juxtaposition of material richness and emotional poverty make for a fascinating read for all, readers that can relate will find it to be one of the most important books they'll ever pick up.

About The Author

Ana Maria Michelena, MD, is a cardiac anesthesiologist with a passion for storytelling and healing readers through the power of her past experiences. Whether it's the dysfunction or downright abandonment and rejection of her childhood, she turns the negatives of her past into positives by sharing the valuable lessons that can be embraced by adolescences and adults who are still struggling with their past abuse.

Her passion for language and storytelling is only surpassed by a passion for helping people who have experienced emotional abuse of their own.

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