New Houston Law Firm Serves Clients Remotely

A new law firm based in Houston, Texas, is serving clients remotely to protect staff and customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Frey Law Firm is offering clients remote, interactive services as an alternative to traditional, face-to-face consultations.

As citizens in Houston and The Woodlands are encouraged to stay at home, the expert team at Frey Law Firm is providing advice and information related to tax law via video calls, virtual channels, email and video conferencing. Embracing new technology and different ways of working enables customers to seek the advice they need during the lockdown.

Advances in technology have allowed tax attorneys at Frey Law Firm to maintain contact with clients at a time when the public is advised against non-essential travel. In the majority of cases, the firm can utilize email, fax or virtual platforms to liaise with clients, discuss updates on cases and offer advice, eliminating the need for unnecessary journeys.

Using the latest technology to talk to clients and communicate during cases provides mutual benefits for members of staff and clients. Cutting out non-essential journeys will save time and money, and it’s also an effective means of promoting health, safety and wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Business as usual
Although the situation is unprecedented, and attorneys at Frey Law Firm would never have expected to be working remotely, feedback from clients has been extremely positive. Today, remote working is more commonplace than ever before, and people have adjusted well to communicating via email, telephone and video calls. Clients have been able to talk to their attorney without traveling to the office, and virtual meetings have taken the place of face-to-face consultations.

Frey Law Firm switched to remote services to ensure that every client has access to the information and advice they need during the course of their case. With options such as video conferencing, it’s possible for clients to communicate with their attorney without putting their health at risk or having to pay to make a journey.

In days gone by, clients and attorneys had to meet to talk about case matters, but times have changed. As technology has advanced, it has become increasingly straightforward to communicate in alternative ways, and new devices and systems have been instrumental in enabling firms and organizations to operate as normal. The coronavirus outbreak has turned the world upside down, but Frey Law Firm is still committed to assisting clients and providing expert advice.

About Frey Law Firm
Based in Houston, Texas, Frey Law Firm specializes in domestic and international tax law matters. The firm was founded by Nicholas Frey, a licensed attorney with the State Bar of Texas and the District of Columbia. In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, Frey Law Firm is providing tailored, remote tax attorney services for clients in Houston and The Woodlands.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Frey Law Firm is encouraged to make use of the following contact details:

Business name: Frey Law Firm
Press contact name: Nicholas Frey
Press contact address: The Woodlands Office, 2001 Timberloch PL Suite 500, The Woodlands, TX 77380
Press contact phone number: (832) 990-6704
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Name: Nicholas Frey
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Organization: Frey Law Firm
Address: The Woodlands Office, 2001 Timberloch PL Suite 500, The Woodlands, TX 77380
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