New Home Based Business Model Embraces Social Media

For perhaps the first time ever, a duplicatable social media strategy has been developed and implemented for individuals seeking a home based business. The iFit Zone combines network marketing with turn-key social media integration, allowing even beginners to effectively earn an income from their home computers.

For decades, the network marketing industry has been built through a grass-roots effort of home parties, hotel meetings, one-to-one appointments, and conference calls.  And while the world has embraced the internet and social media, most network marketers and their parent companies have been reluctant and unable to integrate social media into their processes.  The biggest reason for this lack of integration?  The popular belief among industry leaders that internet marketing is too difficult and complicated to duplicate with the common distributor, until now.

The iFit Zone, created by corporate online marketing expert Greg Preite, crushes the barrier of complexity by managing the most difficult aspects of social media (web development and content writing) entirely for the distributor.  This allows the distributor to focus more on interacting directly with prospects while the system creates customers, referrals, and business leads.  In addition, The iFit Zone offers clear, ongoing training and support on topics such as Facebook advertising, LinkedIn management, and email marketing.

As the name would imply, The iFit Zone is also a participant in the health and fitness industry, with a product line specifically designed to meet the needs of an aging and highly stressed society.  They have teamed with GIA Wellness in Carlsbad, California to combine three major North American trends- home based business, social media, and health & fitness, in bringing a timely opportunity to its members.

“We’ve taken marketing concepts and strategies that have been proven effective at the corporate level and packaged them in a way that allows anyone to participate.  You don’t need to be internet or tech-savvy in order to work with us or get involved.  We have desirable product line combined with an unparalleled marketing strategy!”  states Preite. The iFit Zone marketing package includes a blog personalized for every participant that is fully managed and updated weekly by a team of copywriters, thereby relieving the distributor from the task of having to create regular content.  Each blog also includes videos, team profiles, and a consumer report branded to each distributor for lead generation.

In addition, business partners have access to a training website, webinars, and can even participate in co-op advertising ventures. Preite ads, “It would be very difficult and expensive for the average home based business owner to replicate the training and online assets that we provide when they join our team.  I’m convinced that no other organization has ever taken the steps to furnish this level of support.  We are on the forefront of network marketing and the home based business industry and fully anticipate that entreprenuers will want to participate in our efforts.” For network marketing enthusiasts who have ever struggled with the issue of generating qualified leads and effectively prospecting both the warm and cold market, The iFit Zone looks to have the answer.

For those wanting a legitimate home business opportunity, The iFit Zone deserves a long look. Inquires can be submitted to and more information is available at

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