New Holistic Approach offered at The Holistic Sanctuary

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The Holistic Sanctuary Offers a new option for holistic healing, mental wellness and longevity In Tulum Mexico. Sacred plant medicine and 100% holistic approach to heal the mind, body, and soul.

New Year, New You at The Holistic Sanctuary Elite Tulum Retreat

Picture yourself waking up in soft organic sheets. You stretch and look out the window to the sun rising over the edges of impossibly blue waters. You feel healthier than you have in years and look forward to a day of organic cold pressed juice, yoga, IV drips, massage and reiki. This is a glimpse of what clients can look forward to when booking their luxury wellness retreat with The Holistic Sanctuary in Tulum, Mexico, or Baja California. This center is only for those who are serious about their health, happiness, and inner peace.

While COVID-19 is still a concern, The Holistic Sanctuary is prepared to bring in new patients who are seeking treatment. Those who are interested do not have to worry about waiting for the pandemic to subside in order to seek treatment at this luxury wellness center. The Holistic Sanctuary has health protocols in place throughout the resort center to ensure the safety of staff and patients by providing tests to staff and working to actively disinfect all shared items.

The Holistic Sanctuary seeks to help those who are suffering from mental and behavioral conditions, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, and other conditions. Patients can walk the pristine beaches of Tulum while on their journey to healing from PTSD, depression, addiction, alcoholism, and other conditions such as eating disorders. The Holistic Sanctuary has been in the practice of high-end luxury retreats for over a decade and perfected their approach to mental health and spiritual treatment. However, despite these benefits, The Holistic Sanctuary does not qualify itself as a specialized rehab center or mental health retreat center. They do not offer group or talk therapy, nor do they prescribe or offer medication.

The Holistic Sanctuary has a patented and unique method for helping patients heal known as the Pouyan Method. As the company name suggests, this method is holistic and utilizes ancient methods and “medicines” to help patients heal. This method was developed in response to requests from much high-end clientele to help them continue to lead clean, non-toxic lives through the decalcification of the pineal gland. The original location for The Holistic Sanctuary is located in Baja California, the location of Tulum is brand new and filling up spaces fast.

The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury wellness retreat for those who are ready to heal their minds, bodies, and souls, as was the mission by founder Johnny Tabaie. His personal journey began when he decided to end his 20-year addiction that led him to depression, eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide. The process patients will go through at The Holistic Center will ease their pain, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is due to the compassionate and organic methods used by The Holistic Center to cleanse and rebalance chemicals.

Damage in our brain can have long-lasting negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. Other rehab centers in America and around the world often promote the use of medication in order to heal. The extended use of benzodiazepines, for example, will saturate the GABA receptor in our brain. This can lead people to become “anxious, irritable, depressed, or a combination of the above due to the lack of GABA production,” says The Holistic Sanctuary. The adult brain can go through a healing process known as neuroplasticity. This is when we “rewire” our brain by changing our behavioral patterns. The brain then repairs itself through the creation and connection of new neurons.

By rewiring the brain, patients can begin to think more clearly, have elevated moods and better sleep. The Holistic Sanctuary is the only healing center in the world that is licensed to offer the aid of sacred plants as medicine such as DMT, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and Kambo. The use of these plants is in a form of therapy and is medically supervised by in-house doctors and medical staff. The Sanctuary doesn’t stop with the use of sacred plants as therapeutic aids. Patients can have their chakras re-balanced, livers detoxed, body’s cleansed of parasites, receive mitochondria repair through IV drips, have stem cell activation and heavy metal cleansing to name a few.

The luxury wellness retreat in Tulum comes fully equipped with cutting edge technology such as flotation tanks, cryotherapy, HBOT, ozone 10 pass treatments, and more. Tabaie wants patients to know this is not a vacation, it is a transformation ground that works to heal patients from a cellular level and promote lifelong changes through spiritual and healthy methods.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers luxury retreat stays ranging from four to twelve weeks. There are three levels of stays available, silver, gold, and platinum. Each stay includes yoga, reiki, massage, IV drips, and other holistic therapies. When you are ready to realign yourself, check out the variety of packages at The Holistic Sanctuary for more information on how to get started. Stays range from one to three months’ time at a variety of levels. No matter which you choose, you will leave renewed.

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Name: Johnny Tabaie
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Organization: The Holistic Sanctuary
Address: 1212 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90212
Phone: 310-601-7805

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Name: Johnny Tabaie
Email: Send Email
Organization: The Holistic Sanctuary
Address: 1212 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90212