New Hit-Netflix-Series Has Global Corporations Fuming

The shows producers have officially announced that large corporations are banned from advertising, in hopes of stopping corporate monopoly and helping to grow the local economy.

Netflix has completely changed the world through its online streaming capabilities, it is reported that over 60% of households have Netflix connected to their TV’s, which has caused cable subscriptions to plummet immensely. Over the past few years, Netflix has gone on to grow into an unstoppable giant, with its stock NFLX soaring through the roof and becoming one of the most successful stocks this year.

Back Stabber’, the newest series to arrive on Netflix, has officially announced that it will not accept any advertisement from large corporations. Produced by young philanthropists, the show has officially released the advertising spots for the new season, becoming the lowest priced ad spots in Netflix history. Hoping to stimulate the local economy, the producers stated, “It’s not the large corporations that keep the economy going, it’s the small start-ups and local businesses that actually help kick start the economy around us. We want to help create more jobs, help small business owners thrive and most of all we want to help build a solid foundation around us.”

With almost 70 million subscribers around the world joining to just watch an original Netflix series, the ad rates for the series product placements are calculated to almost 1/1000 of the typical cost per viewer. Hand sifting through the floods of requests they receive daily, the producers said, “We read each story and do our research on the companies, we truly want to give those the opportunity that actually deserve it, not just help a giant corporation continue to take over the world”.

By denying the large corporate giants the opportunity to grow, ‘Back Stabber’ and its producers are hoping to help local small businesses expand and thrive, and continue to help keep the economy stabilized.

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