New Herbalizer Vaporizer Review Published By Paint The Moon

Paint The Moon has created an in-depth, independent review of the Herbalizer Vaporizer so individuals can make informed buying decisions and see if this exciting product lives up to the hype.

Vaporizers are rapidly growing in popularity, and as the versatility and power of vaporizer technology increases, so does the demand for the products. Many people are now looking for vaporizers for their home but are struggling to choose a product from the ever-expanding units available. Paint The Moon is a website that regularly reviews the latest product releases, and has now published a much anticipated review of the Herbalizer vaporizer, to see if the product really lives up to the hype.

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The product certainly impresses at first glance, with a smooth shelled oyster like design with collapsible mezzanine storage in which to secrete herbs and oils out of sight for maximum convenience and discretion. Paint The Moon however looks deep beneath the surface in their recently published review.

The review states that the vapor quality produced by the Herbalizer is the best of any vaporizer on the market and that it performs exceptionally well in both whip and balloon mode. The review also includes a video demonstration of how to use the Herbalizer so users can come to grips with its user friendliness along with a comprehensive breakdown of unique selling points, including a five-second heating time thanks to a next gen halogen bulb and a smaller vaporizing chamber than other desktop models.

The review also gives detailed buying advice for individuals interested in purchasing the product, including information on where to find not only the lowest prices but the best incentives and free gifts available.

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A spokesperson for Paint The Moon explained, “The Herbalizer is a big ticket item, and the high price tag may well put off some people who are looking for something entry level to give vaporizing a try for the first time. Experienced users and connoisseurs however will easily recognize the clear superiority of the product over its market competitors, and we are pleased to say that after all the excitement leading up to its release, the Herbalizer definitely delivers and is well worth the price.”

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